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Monday, January 2, 2012

Obsessing Over the Jordie Chandler Settlement

All haters do.  They seem to be perpetually stuck in 1994, salivating over Michael Jackson, his anatomy and alternatively, his money.  Desiree Hill spent, it seems, her Christmas vacation alternatively stalking and harassing people who disagree with her methods and madness as well as  fantasizing over the circumstances  and intentions surrounding Michael Jackson's business decisions when he was alive.  We won't spend a lot of time on this matter as we think the subject of Desiree Hill's objectivity, integrity and reliability has been without question established as unsound and without substantive value.

Let us however define a simple term for Desiree Hill and her like-minded followers:
The Purpose of Insurance:  Insurance is a risk/transfer like gambling, i.e. the insurance company decides if it wants to accepts a bet based on the risk involved and then the insurance company determines how much the bet will cost based on the opinion of the underwriter.
Desiree Hill:  "For those still defending Jackson, they recognize, quite acutely (sic), what intelligent observers have always noted: settling over, instead of fighting against, claims of child molestation does not tend to be conducive to a position of innocence. Fair or not, it is a fact that paying a settlement looks like an admission of guilt, a clandestine way of maintaining one's reputation without incurring (further) public or even legal scrutiny."
It is an OPINION that paying a settlement looks like an admission of guilty.  A young girl of 22 who has never held a job or had any substantial money or viable way of making it has no understanding of the world of finance and the value of TIME.   Simply put, time is money.  The settlement was a business decision; a decision to focus on the business of making money and preserving the time and effort it would take to fight such baseless allegations in the court of law.  At the time, Michael Jackson's potential for making money far outweighed any damage such a settlement would have had on his net worth.   Michael Jackson was earning money hand over fist and the reality is that what to broke, living at home, alleged college student Desiree Hill is a "staggering sum" was chump change to wealthy, talented, self-sufficient, super nova star and mogul, Micheal Jackson. How much would you pay for your peace of mind?  Desiree Hill has no money and cannot understand.  We would put some hard cash on the table to put on muzzle on her.

We will not address Desiree Hill's continual misstatement that Michael Jackson paid off other families other than to say this:  Desiree Hill has no idea why these people received monetary gifts.  She has concluded, without any real basis, that they were pay offs because that is what she wants to believe.  Desiree Hill quotes the testimony of Jason Francia, the son of Brancia Francia, who chose to sell her story of alleged molestation to tabloids in lieu of filing charges with the authorities.  Desiree Hill quotes the opinion of long term Michael Jackson critic, Maureen Orth, who stated that the jurors were mistakenly callous in seeming to disbelieve and laugh at Jason Francia's testimony of alleged molestation.  Desiree Hill quotes Maureen's biased observations as some sort of substantiation of the truth of Francia's testimony.  According to Desiree, Maureen Orth SAID that the jury laughed at Francia's testimony and that means that they were mean and he was telling the truth.  Huh? 

The juror's reaction, as told by Maureen Orth, is not proof of anything.  However, Maureen Orth's opinion that what she viewed as their reaction was wrong is proof of something, according to Desiree Hill illogic.  Desiree Hill's flawed logic goes on to characterize those who stated that Francia was lying as "unfortunate, unverifiable claims of marginal characters" but states almost immediately afterward that what was really  unfortunate was that Francia's own testimony was determined to be "not enough to criminally prosecute Jackson"; it was not enough, but it was so believable (by whom we might ask) that Desiree states in an alternate reality in the imaginary world that Desiree lives in, it would have corroborated Jordie's claim of sexual abuse.

If it would have, why didn't it, Desiree Hill?  Why wasn't Michael Jackson prosecuted on charges by Francia and Chandler, found guilty and jailed?  Why didn't these boys parents pursue prosecution?
Desiree Hill:  "Regardless if Jason's revelations were deemed by authorities as not 'actionable' on their own, Michael Jackson deemed Jason's claims significant enough to pay he and his mother a whopping $2.4 million.  Again, a lot of clams for so-called innocent tickling.
We have to give Desiree Hill a little credit for her ability to tie in unrelated actions in an attempt to bolster her unfounded beliefs.   Unless Desiree Hill was in the mind of Michael Jackson she cannot in any way relay to us what he deemed significant.  Desiree Hill does not know why Michael did anything he decided to do.  She dismisses what authorities deemed as actionable and why, but then attributes import to the weak claims and allegations to prove her opinions.  In plain language, if the claims were real and had merit, Michael Jackson would have been prosecuted and charged on those claims.  He was not. So Desiree Hill relying on those claims that were too weak to build a case on is the height of counter-intelligence.

Desiree Hill then goes on to mention David Martinez, stating, "Not much is known about David, or his mother Ruby Martinez" - this does not stop her from speculating though, about the reason they received $300,000 from Michael Jackson, or so she claims.  Desire relies on the testimony of Al Malnik and Alan Whitman and emails from Mark Geragos as proof of the monetary exchange.  She has no documentation confirming payment or receipt of any money.  She actually states, "Furthermore, the judge presiding over the case restricted discussion of the payment and ordered it to be referred to as simply "a private matter" in front of the jury." but doesn't believe this deters her ability to determine the nature of the payment.  She simply decides it provides proof that she is right.  She quotes one of the juror's statement about the alleged payment, "We didn't discuss that. We just believed he'd paid someone because Mr. Malnik and the accountant corroborated it," said Juror No. 1, a 38-year-old man who did not want to give his name." Desiree Hill doesn't seem to understand that since the jurors did not discuss it, since it was determined to be a "private matter" by the judge, and since the only proof that a payment was made came from testimony from Malnik and the accountant, there is no evidence to determine the nature of the proffering of that money or the circumstances surrounding its receipt, and so to speculate is foolish.  On the contrary, Desiree Hill believes all of this warrants her speculation, and what's more makes her speculation true.
Desiree Hill:  "But neither the multimillion-dollar settlement to Jason Francia nor the six-figure payment given to the Martinezes--both of which are fully recognized to have been made--matter to Jackson's defenders, despite the fact that they suggest a pattern of Jackson's paying people to be quiet about his criminal behavior which would corroborate a willful settlement with the Chandlers.  The only settlement deemed to be of pertinent discussion is the one with Jordie."
Desiree's thinking in dizzying.  Payments that were made for which we have no evidence as to why cannot be used to form conclusions.  Of course the only settlement deemed to be of pertinent discussion is the one that was made with the Chandlers; it is the only one that has been substantiated as a settlement! And it was paid by the insurance company over Michael Jackson's and his council's protestations.  The idea that Michael Jackson was "paying people to be quiet" is an illusion that Desiree Hill would like to believe is true but has no proof to substantiate as true.   All she has is loosely tied together suspicions held together by her own internal bias.
Because it is Desiree Hill's own internal bias that is driving her obsession, she didn't even bother to write a real piece substantiating her views but relies on a copy and paste from the MJfacts website to give her opinions credence.  She posts it, audaciously adding her own commentary.  We believe this is just beating a dead horse to death.  

Michael Jackson settled the Chandler under duress, primarily for his piece of mind but also for a whole host of reasons. Those who are invested in believing he is guilty will never accept this notion and will continue to attempt to twist and change the words in the settlement, Michael's own disclosure about the case and anything else they can find to try to make their fantasy that Michael was really guilty real.  To answer them point by point is to twist in the wind with them. Nothing said to them will ever convince them otherwise.  Their intention is to keep the conversation going as long as they can; to fuel their obsession as long as possible. Only if they keep the conversation going can they mislead, misinterpret, manipulate language and proffer their lies. We would like to put the matter to bed.  The questions are always the same and the answers are always the same as well.

M.O.N.E.Y.:  The Extortion of  Michael Jackson:  Part I and Part II. 
We'd like to suggest that Desiree Hill and any other hater read these posts, once they are properly medicated and have received the appropriate psychiatric care that will enable them to comprehend the written word, educate themselves and finally get over their negative obsession.


  1. @notblocked yet: wow..u asked if this poster have nothing elese to do ...but then u write " I'll be writing comments fairly regularly, at least one every 15 minutes." so...who's the one who have nothing better to do?

  2. That article might interest you

    "Jurors said that after much arguing they accepted Schaffel's claim that he spent $300,000 of his own money on a secret mission to South America for Jackson. Schaffel claimed he gave the money to a "Mr. X."

    "We fought a lot over that," said juror Irma Beard, a retired law office worker. She and jury foreman Roy Shimogaki said they were troubled by the claim."


  3. http://articles.latimes.com/2006/jul/15/local/me-jackson15

  4. sarah i'm sorry...i do not understand why u quoted those phrases from the article that u linked.

  5. Marcy 2, isn't that funny?

    We will not be blocking anyone from this blog for many reasons:

    The primary reason is we love to see idiots waste their time writing comments that will always be deleted.

    Write as many comments as you like!

    Sarah, I also don't understand the links either. Can you explain?

  6. It has to do with the alleged pay off to the Martinez. The jurors didn't know and didn't speculate over what it was for but "fought a lot over" the alleged pay off. They believed it was for child molestation because of the 2005 trial.

  7. @tgp: u know what? they make me laugh so hard....they after day....they are just...omg hahah DUMB
    @sarah: thank u , now i understand-

  8. They make me laugh too, Marcy. Sarah, I'm slow today! Too much drinking over the New Years, why are you bringing that point up?

  9. Because you brought that up "She quotes one of the juror's statement about the alleged payment, "We didn't discuss that. We just believed he'd paid someone because Mr. Malnik and the accountant corroborated it,"

  10. By the way, I found the whole story very stupid. I mean Geragos isn't an idiot, why would he asked a firm to pay an alleged victim when he is defending the alleged molester agains another accusation?

  11. Ahhh, okay, now I understand! You know the story is so stupid that I don't spend much time thinking about it.

  12. Clearly4:39:00 PM

    TGP, your side bar has lots of articles for the haters to read once they get on their meds. Lmbo!

  13. guys i was thinking: how stupid is desirée to think that she could do better than sneddon? i mean even if he is crazy, but desirèe is more crazy...if she really thinks that

  14. The reason why the jury didn't believe Jason Francia is because of his selective memory during cross examination. They found it suspicious how he remembered things from 15 years ago but couldn't remember things from just 2 months ago. The jury foreman Paul Rodriquez said that he reminded them of Janet Arvizo..I guess his fake crocodile tears didn't fool anyone.

  15. Public Lynching5:03:00 PM

    @Pam, exactly, shouldn't information like that make its way into her article? You know what amazes me, how they continually congratulate themselves like they are up on stage receiving some kind of award. The only people reading are her "crew" and the fake people she creates.

  16. Anonymous6:52:00 PM

    Somebody needs to ask her about T-Mez being a liar. If he lied about Jimmy Safechuck then why does she always use his quote that MJ had 2 white kids and one hispanic to prove that he never had kids. Her problem is that she thinks because she has problems remembering her lies that everyone else will have a problem remembering them too.
    The same with the civil suit.She has no proof that it was not paid by his insurance. She doesn't get that there are eight pages missing from every version that is availabe on line. It is the paragraph that spells out the terms of the settlement like how much is to be paid to who and when and who does the paying. Diane Dimond was the one that leaked the document and in the Court TV original it has a disclaimer in it that says that it was left out for ease of reading.Diane Dimond thinks no one can read the big words but her too.

  17. Anonymous1:10:00 AM

    Desiree has said she hopes to become famous over this, hasn't she? I think she really believes people can respect what she does and how she is.

    She has no idea what people are actually like, she never interacts with them, she has no friends. She has so many sock puppets Mr Rogers is getting jealous. I'd wager her mother Carolyn hates her.

    She thinks this will pay off in some reward some day. That someone will care about the Michael Jackson fans she spent her life pursuing in an attempt to prove a dead person is guilty of a crime she endorses.

    Reality has ditched her a long time ago, her only real relationship and pleasure and love she receives is from what she believes is successfully hurting other people and watching them react. She should just create some Sims and think of ways to kill them, at least it would involve more human interaction than she gets now.

  18. Clearly8:37:00 AM

    "She has no idea what people are actually like, she never interacts with them, she has no friends. She has so many sock puppets Mr Rogers is getting jealous. I'd wager her mother Carolyn hates her. "

    OMG, lmbo! I think you are completely right, anonymous! Desiree is always talking about someone being a bad mother, well why does she say that? I think she hates her own mother, I can't imagine that her mother likes her either. Who could like a girl like Desiree, that's why she has no friends. She only has people following her around like she's the next Hitler.

  19. "I can't imagine that her mother likes her either"

    Well, she is her mother. Lots of mother love their kid even if they are criminals (I am not saying D is, it's just an example).

  20. Clearly9:44:00 AM

    Yes, love, Sarah but I'm talking about like. I don't see how anyone can like someone so full of hatred, criticism, intolerance and who lies constantly.

  21. Clearly9:44:00 AM

    By the way, what Desiree is doing is criminal.

  22. Anonymous7:11:00 AM

    "So why should you relate to that story? You are getting mad at the wrong person! Desiree isn't the problem at all - it's Michael isn't it? All those bad things he did for people to point out, how could he let you down like that!"

    Maybe they can explain why they are so mad at you and all Michael fans. They spend most of their time talking about fans not Michael. She's F'd up.Then we just have their word that Michael did anything. They only have her opinion and when was that valuable or intelligent.

  23. honestly lisa..i think the one who need a real life...is u. ur comment shows how u are self centered...and ur comment are always centered on things related to sex and relationship.
    usually the one who like to talk about themself like that,in truth are exactly the opposite, or are not so "smart" (guess what? probably even desirèe is smarter than u :) )
    ""Why is she yelling at me? Shouldn't she be upset at her husband for doing wrong? He's the cause of the problem!"" obiouvsly u do not know a thing about psychology and about immediate reactions.
    Better go REALLY out for u, open UR EYES,and starting to REALLY KNOW AND UNDERSTAND people and not being anynmore self centered.

  24. and btw: thanks god i know what real love is and mean, and the difference between me and u, is that i can separete the things...having relations ships and being a michael fans at the same time..probably u never met someone who understood u in ur passions and accpeted them.
    (btw u point always out relationships,but no one here,as i remember ever questioned desirèe's relationships in her love life)
    It's funny how u reported that woman's reaction and said that the problem was the man instead of: "I understand that immediate reaction,even if the problem was the man not me."

    @tgp: i suggest u to let the web see how this "person" is ...crazy..and talks only about herself trying to herass people that she did never even know before, always talking and making doubts about their relationships,even if no one of us ever questioned theirs.
    we had some users who clearly said they did not like the idea of this blog, but one thing is to say that and another is to write comments like that one above.

  25. oh and btw...lisa...u are defending someone u do not know,why are u mad at us? the funny thing is that...u do to us exactly what u say we are doing to desirèe...
    desirèe opened a blog and so, she gave the right to people of seeing what she write and disagreeing with her,but at the same time she started to block people who disagree, and cancel their post...she started the whole mess...she is a 22 yo girl, not a baby or a teenager. she said bad things about michael's children who are teenagers (saiyng she doesn't care about them because they are already fucked up...it's just CRAZY). have a nice life....and do not worry..to reply to me...i know u have nothing really important to say :D

  26. Ladies, I'm telling you, DO NOT FEED THE TROLL!

    Do you want to spend the rest of your life arguing with Lisa/aka Alby/aka Indahouse?

    She's been on Topix for five years saying the same things, hiding behind different nics.

    Believe me, the goal is simply to get attention.

    I can easily show you how crazy this person is, but I don't have to give her a voice here on this blog to do so.

    Look at this:

    From JAN. 1st to JAN 3RD

    Then from JAN 3rd to JAN 5TH

    A person with a full life, doesn't have TIME to do that. You know why she talks about dating and having someone to love - because she doesn't have one. If she did, she would be doing that.

    Do you know why she is defending Desiree? Because she is just like Desiree - when you criticize Desiree, she feels that you are criticizing her, and she rushes to her defense.

    Now what kind of person, if they are thrown out of a building and they have the microphone taken away from them EVERY SINGLE TIME they speak, continues to come back, again and again?

    What kind of person persists in writing comments that are always deleted?

    A very insecure, shallow, empty person who doesn't have real, human life relationships to interact with.

    So she tries to get it online, in a deranged, unhealthy, dysfunctional, abusive way.

    There is a slight similarity to what has happened with Michael.

    Michael was a sweet, loving, intelligent, sensitive man -- for the most part many of his fans are like that; they relate to him, so when someone attacks him, they get upset.

    Enough of this nonsense of cognitive dissonance.

    IF you love your father and a person persists in telling lies about him, of course you will get upset.

    It is not ONLY because you don't want to hear anything bad about your father, although surely that is true. Mostly you are upset because the person is telling lies and the person won't stop.

    And this Lisa will not stop. Nor will a Desiree stop.

    And the more you feed her, give her attention, post on her blog, respond to her on Topix, the more she will continue to nurse this fire that is feeding her empty, barren life.

    I understand why you respond. You want to be heard and understood. All human beings do. Most human beings with integrity get upset when they see wrong and want to stand up for what is right.

    But to do it in a conversation with a liar, an abusive person who doesn't want to hear you and doesn't respect you is to abuse yourself.

    To the critics of this blog: It is IMPOSSIBLE to criticize a person without mentioning them or what they are doing.

    It would be impossible to criticize Desiree without mentioning what she has done.

    it is not our fault that she is a racist who has written homophobic rants and pedophiling supporting ideas on line for all to see.

    We would have had NOTHING to fill this blog with if Desiree was not exactly what we say she is.

    And that is the problem. Desiree cannot stand to be revealed as the fraud that she is.

    She has said constantly that she doesn't care about this blog, that it doesn't bother her, but it does.

    And it should. Because she is dead wrong.

    She can incite anyone she wants to come out and play the hero for her, to try to defend her unworthy cause but it doesn't matter.

  27. If Desiree wasn't the problem, if she felt 100% secure in herself and what she is doing, then why is she on hiding on Topix harassing and defaming people?

    Why has she enlisted and encited others to do her dirty work for her?

    Why does she spend hours criticizing fans about who they choose to love?

    If this wasn't about Desiree, why the hell would she care who other people choose to admire and love?

    As we said in the very first post of this blog, Desiree's blog is NOT about Michael Jackson.


    You cannot "win" an argument with a person like Desiree or a Lisa.

    One of the reasons you will never win is because 20 years later, after you've forgotten about this blog, when you've moved on with your life and have had grandchildren, Desiree or Lisa will come track you down where you live, and bring the whole matter back up again, and they will be stuck in the same place that you left them. They will attack you on the same points and they will say the same things over and over again.

    People like this do not grow and move on. They are like little spoiled, bratty mentally challenged children who never received love or discipline.

    Every single comment that Lisa leaves will be deleted.

    Every single one.

  28. Marcy "desirèe opened a blog and so, she gave the right to people of seeing what she write and disagreeing with her,but at the same time she started to block people who disagree, and cancel their post...she started the whole mess...she is a 22 yo girl, not a baby or a teenager. she said bad things about michael's children who are teenagers (saiyng she doesn't care about them because they are already fucked up...it's just CRAZY)."

    Exactly. She has said and done much more than that. The bottom line is Desiree wants to be able to do what she wants, say what she wants to whoever she wants but SHE CANNOT STAND for anyone to point it out or tell her she is wrong. "Lisa" whoever she is, is just the same.

    They are all bullies and bullies speak the same language.

  29. Anonymous9:49:00 AM

    Desiree-Lisa- Alby and the whoevers that they call themselves all have the same theme. Poor Desiree this blogger is picking on her so much and making her feel bad. That's their reality. Then there is the real reality the one that is posted here to give people a good look at what she is... A bully. Plain and simple she is a bully. The reason that she has her life online is because in real time and the physical world everybody that has known here has dumped her because of her abuse to them.That is a bully.
    Just like this insurance thing that she has written doesn't she know that first it is settled in arbitration then those papers get turned into the insurance company. She needs to read more and cyberstalk less. All she has to look up is structured settlements and all of the answers are right there for her.She doesn't do that though because her goal is to belittle people that she has never met. She treats it like a job but she says she does that for free? How much would a decent person ask to get paid to break the law and harass kids and people they don't know. Real people don't do what her and her minions do, they would be ashamed.

  30. On Topix, Desiree recommended that someone out the creator of this blog as a cyber stalker by creating a blog about them. Now how will she justify that behavior as okay and good when she has been crying from day one that this blog defames her, just because it quotes stuff she wrote and that came from her own mind.
    It's just like you said, TGP, narcissists like Desiree regularly play victim and always accuse others of doing exactly what they do. I can really see it now, they are not that smart and cannot come up with their own ideas.
    The truth is everything that Desiree is now doing proves what is said on this blog is true. It's like you have puppet strings on her back and are controlling her. You predicted it all!!! You said from day one, in that piece about narcissistic rage, that she wouldn't stop; that she can't be criticized; that she would attack you with the same accusations that you make of her "but you do it too-you did it first"; that' she'd play victim; that she'd use sock puppets to pretend to be other people. She's a racist, homophobic, lying hypocrite. All the quotes prove it. Everything that you said SHE HAS PROVEN to be true!!! Her behavior has escalated only because this blog exists which shows her for who she really is and the more she reacts, the more she shows her true self.So Lisa or whoever is really playing herself coming up here defending Desiree. There's no defense and like anonymous said, pure and simple, it's bullying. By the way, I hope people who are on Topix or seeing what she is doing are reporting those posts. I know I am.

  31. @Anonymous above me, I agree with everything you said, especially the part about her reality.

  32. Can someone explain why haters think saying that Michael paid the settlement and not the insurance company means something? I'm sure he had ambivalent feelings, you know hat he wanted to pay to have it all go away on one hand and that he also wanted to fight but probably felt like he couldn't (and I think he realized later he made a mistake) because everything is not black and white. I don't get it.
    By the way, I agree with anonymous from 9:49 a.m.

  33. Kaela, don't spend a lot of time trying to figure out how haters think. I hate to use the general term "haters" but I am talking about people like this. They lie compulsively and nit pick to make a point. It's illogical and psychotic. A normal person will not understand it unless they study that type of thinking.

  34. The fixation and obsessiveness is very focused, when Lisa/Ably/Indahouse is obsessively logging in and out of this blog, she isn't on Topix. I don't even have to look, I bet there hasn't been a recent comment from Indahouse?

    She's here: When Desiree is not logging in and out obsessively on Topix, she can't be on her blog that's why over the Christmas holidays the blog was a graveyard. When she is on her blog, she isn't on Topix. When she is ranting about hating the fans, she is not talking about Michael Jackson and visa versa. The obsession is always singular and fixated.

    The message of this blog is to stop giving these bullies like Desiree your attention. Stop feeding their obsession.

  35. Anonymous2:18:00 PM

    "The message of this blog is to stop giving these bullies like Desiree your attention. Stop feeding their obsession."
    That is right! The thing is that they attack innocent people on Topix, using full names, and involving kids.The best thing to do is what Clearly does go there report the abuse and leave. Pretty soon the will be, and for all we know are already are, just talking to themselves.Now that is a sure sign of craziness. Certifiable even, look it up.When are people like that going to get through their heads that there is no such thing a absolute Free Speech. That is not what the amendment was written to mean.Like I said before they need to read more and cyberstalk less.

  36. Thanks TGP and anonymous you guys are right. I guess these people think freedom of speech means I get to say what I want while everyone else is listens. Sheesh!

  37. @tgp: i understand what u say, and i agree.
    U are even right when u say to stop feeding their obsession...i'll try :D i promise :D

  38. I want everyone to know I understand why you respond, only a person who is not human would not want to respond but it is just not worth it!!!

    The other point of this blog is to show you that Desiree would do what she is doing to Michael Jackson to ANYONE. Michael Jackson is an easy target, because he is well known and there is lots of information available about him. He's always been an easy target to the bullies amongst us.

    Don't you think Lynette would get an expose post if she had pictures and information up about her? Why did Sabine get a write up? Because Desiree was able to find information about her, pictures and a blog.

    Desire will obsessively search for information and try to ridicule the family, lifestyle, appearance and personage of anyone who she focuses her narcissistic rage on. All you have to do is disagree with her.

    She did that on the racist blog she posted on, focusing her rage on a whole group of people, white people, but she could not pin point identities because most of them were anonymous.

    Her behavior and all the quotes 100% proves this.

  39. @tgp:i agree with everything u said, in particular when iu say "The other point of this blog is to show you that Desiree would do what she is doing to Michael Jackson to ANYONE. Michael Jackson is an easy target, because he is well known and there is lots of information available about him. He's always been an easy target to the bullies amongst us." and"Her behavior and all the quotes 100% proves this."...and i feel so sad knowing that there are people like Desirèe.
    Throught the years i've never really cared about what haters said about mj and us...but at the same time probably in truth i've never met haters obsessed like her and the other ones on topix.
    I mean: sometime i laugh at her/their craziness and narcisism...but behind that...i feel sad...
    I know they will never change...

  40. I feel so sad that people like this exist, too, Marcy, and I felt so sad watching fans go to Desiree's blog and get abused by her and I asked myself, why are they doing that to themselves?

    I think it is terrible that a person like Desiree can so easily go online and behave so destructively.

    As for Topix, the CEO, Chris Tolles has said freedom of speech is more important than feelings, and you know what that is, that is a Desiree with power -- a bully with money.

    Desiree, I hope, never gets that kind of power. She will ruin a lot of lives like Chris Tolles is doing.

    I want to say that I also agree with what others have said, that all harassing and defaming comments on Topix should be reported especially when they mention children.

    It was telling, wasn't it, when you read Indahouse fail to denounce Desiree saying that an 11 year old girl who was raped was not raped because she "looked" like a woman.

    They don't care about children. They don't even care about their own selves.

    By the way, they most certainly are talking amongst themselves.

  41. Anonymous5:17:00 PM

    An 11 year old wasn't raped because she looked like a woman?

    That needs to be quoted and posted here for posterity.

    When they talk amongst themselves they confess the most.

  42. It is here, though you might have missed the context.

    It was posted in the article discussing how she supported pedophilia. The link is listed right on the quote. she tried to say on Topix that it was taken out of context. No, it was not. She was talking to a bunch of racists, it's true, but all of them ran her over the coals for saying such a disgusting thing.

    Here she argues that an 11 year old girl that was ganged raped probably didn't look like an 11 year old and so that makes it okay.

    It is in the same quote where she says the pedophiles are gentle and love children, and if they didn't want to have sex with them, they'd be super to have around kids.

    Because you know according to Desiree only actually sexual intercourse is abuse,


    Please read the above with much sarcasm.

  43. Actually, correction. let me be clear, she doesn't say the rape of the 11 year old girl is okay; she justifies the rape by saying that the men saw a mature girl because brown girls usually look and act older, and so they were not pedophiles, because pedophiles are kind and gentle and love children, you know, they wouldn't rape them.


    The rationalization is disgustingly nauseating.

  44. Anonymous9:01:00 PM

    Yep she sure is certifiable. What the hell is she thinking leaving comments like this all over the internet for someone like the FBI to track down? Hasn't she ever gone to the Missing and Exploited Childrens website. This kind of thing is tracked and tagged by the FBI or is she so sure of her internet stealth expertise that she thinks it is above that of the FBI? What an ego!!!Yep a true narcissist bully that would be her.Then she leaves links on her blog to pedophilia websites. She hasn't just gone mad she's been nuts for a veeeeeeeerrrrrry long time.

  45. Anonymous9:32:00 PM

    This is for Desiree, since she loves to say Michael wasn't EVER seen with a woman, ever:






    Let her fantasize about that!

    On another note, hmmmmmmm, I see a lot of little girls in this picture:



  46. Anoymous: "When they talk amongst themselves they confess the most."

    If current convo is any indication then I'd say Desiree and a certain psycho friend of hers is extremely jealous of a certain writer and so jealous of how she looks they need to post pictures of her and claim she's lying about her age. Now that's a sad, sad, case of I don't have a life.

  47. guys i do not know where i can put this...but it's interesting (even if it has nothing to do with desirèe) http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5jP2EQB8M1OFd-OU3sva73zYDNDlg?docId=CNG.fff0a8fadcbd75db6b49acfc724afab0.3d1
    btw...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaBBy06xAlc. hahahah sometimes i need to say this :D

  48. Interesting case, Marcy. The doctor has no money so they will never collect, though, even if they win.

    @Clearly, yes, these women are certainly jealous. I've never seen anyone promote someone these supossedly dislike so much! lol!

    @Anonymous, "What the hell is she thinking leaving comments like this all over the internet for someone like the FBI to track down?"

    The amazing thing is that she is actually upset and considers it defaming that all of her quotes have simply been harvested and preserved for years to come. She wrote them. Isn't that her claim to fame, how witty and smart she is? I cannot for the life of me imagine why she isn't happy that she is being quoted. As a narcissist she should be ecstatic.

    Proof of her idiodicy is that she cannot let this go. If she did, I'm sure this blog would float in cyberspace with only the very curious finding it. After all the people who go to her blog are confirmed haters anyway. But the more she harps on this, the more popular she makes it. Unfamiliar people are going to think, hey what's this all about? They have no idea what she's going on about and she has made it the focus of attention herself.

    Just like we knew she would.

    She doesn't understand that she is her own worst enemy.

  49. Anonymous at 9:32 p.m. you could show Desiree a video of Michael Jackson making love to a woman and she'd dismiss it!

    Marcy, I love that video! Michael needed to tell them to go to hell more!

  50. Anonymous11:17:00 AM

    Crazy in action

    You're right, anyone is a target, doesn't have to be Michael Jackson.

  51. I hope everyone is taking notes. Remember, all they want is attention . They don't know how to get it positively. They are like the child who throws himself on the floor, yells, kicks and screams and then wants to be picked up and hugged. Someone didn't teach these adult children that is not how you get attention...and it only makes others not want to have anything to do with you, especially if you're a full grown adult!

  52. @tgp: O.O omg
    @anonymous: ---it's amazing to read how they are obsessed on topix day by day.

  53. @Marcy,

    Those fans are crazy. They want MJ's medical records and Murray is supposed to appear in court in April in France, lol

  54. oh..i thought they were going to hire a lawyer in the united states and suing murray there(u know for example amanda knox had lawyers here in italy and and a lawyer from the USA too). if this was the case...i would join them :(

  55. @Sarah, you read my mind!

    I think some fans take things much too far. Amanda Knox needed lawyers in Italy! They would not have been able to get her off otherwise.

    As for the Topix junkyard dogs, all you have to do is let them talk to themselves and then you get to see how crazy they REALLY are.

  56. No, Marcy,

    They hired a french lawyer and the guy had to prove in a french court that Murray did something wrong and then they'll sue him if their case isn't thrown out of court before that. Murray is supposed to be in a french court in April. Their lawyer is a strange guy, he was in the Saddam Hussein defense team (but was fired) and he sued Kronenbourg and lost because his client lost his driving licence and spent a year in jail because he drove under the influence of alcohol, he had a lawsuit against Quick because a woman was hurt after walking on a fry in one of their restaurant.

    I don't understand them, he wasn't a family member or a friend

  57. girls i just used the example of amanda knox because i believed they were going to sue him in the states at the beginning :) or just like it happned to michael here in italy(but on that it's a little different because he was sued by an italian "artist") i hope u did not get me wrong :)

  58. btw i gotta go to sleep guys(it's 1.09 am here :D). see u next monday
    ps_thank u sarah for ur informations...i thought to join them at the beginning..but u helped me to think twice(the fact that the lawyer was in the saddam hussein's defense team mmmm and the fact that are suing him in france.. i mean at least if i was one of them i would ask for someone else as a lawyer)

  59. and more than ever...apart from my first reaction...i'm not crazy like them :D
    have a great weekend sweetie .

  60. Marcy, I didn't get you wrong at all. I understand. Have a wonderful, fun-filled weekend.

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