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Desiree Ladonna Hill Unabashedly Supports Pedophilia

Monday, January 23, 2012

Quick Update: Desiree Hill cyber stalks as "Flabine" on Topix.com

ETA 1/10//2011 It has become necessary to revisit the rabid stalking and harassment which is being perpetrated by Desiree Ladonna Hill of Las Vegas in her numerous sock puppet forms and also by her cult like followers on websites such as Topix.com
Like the narcissist that she is, Desiree Hill has attempted to make the Michael Jackson forum on Topix.com, HER forum, where she can gripe about issues that only relate to herself.  It is not enough for her to do it on her own blog. She's even gone over to Imbd gripe but thank God Imbd has a very good system in place to report abusive posts and behavior and requires that people identify themselves before they can post in the forums.  Not so Topix.com, which is in fact a free for all.
Look at these traits that describe a stalker, and tell us that they are NOT describing Desiree Hill:

  • Won't take no for an answer
  • Has an obsessive personality
  • Above average intelligence
  • No or few personal relationships
  • Lack of embarrassment or discomfort at actions
  • Low self esteem
  • Sociopathic thinking
  • Has a mean streak

 Read the full description HERE

If you've had the misfortune of visiting the garbage dump that is the Michael Jackson forum on Topix.com, if you were able to wade through the stinking sewer of hateful, abusive, bullying comments that is regular fair over there, you might have noticed posts from a user by the name of "Flabine", Desiree's alter ego.  You can tell who she is because she obsessively and ONLY focuses on two people; she doesn't even bother talking about Michael Jackson.

If you don't believe us, go and see for yourself.   No one else has an ax to grind with these people BUT Desiree Hill, even if the ax exists only in her sick mind.  To date she has even gone so far as to create an account in the name of her target utilizing her picture.

We'd love for Desiree to explain why she believes a blog, which simply harvests her quotes and information about her and critiques them is harassment but her behavior on Topix.com, where she creates lies and slander to attack the people with whom she does not agree is NOT harassment.

Desiree has managed, in very short time, to recruit the assistance of a junk yard dog from Danbury, Connecticut.  It seems she only had to throw a name and a few crocodile cyber tears her way and just like a crazed dog taking a whiff of a blood soaked rag, this deranged, psychotic person from Danbury, Connecticut has taken up Desiree Hill's false cause and along with Desiree Hill, has continued to obsessively and systematically post harassing, libelous comments using various names; sometimes they grossly alter the names of their targets or they use variations thereof; sometimes they even fraudulently make comments in the name of the person.

Again you can always tell who they are because they are singularly focused on two or three people, unlike the rest of the forum who have reserved their hate for the subject of the forum:  Michael Jackson.

Desiree and her dog most always use proxy servers to hide their location.  Desiree posts most often from a proxy server stating that she is in Rio Vista, California, as we've stated, using the name "Flabine".  As of today, she has posted using the business name of one of her targets, "Ameeramac".

Once again, we invite you, if you do not understand the nature and psychosis of this person, to go and look for yourself.

Having taken up residence in the Michael Jackson forum on Topix.com specifically to harass and cyber stalk, Desiree Hill and her cohorts posts comments that continually, without ceasing, attack the personage and children, (two of which are minors) of these victims. 

Once again, you will know it is Desiree and her minion because they are THE ONLY ONES talking about these particular people.  No one else could be bothered or cares and they are the only ones who accuse EVERYONE of being their targeted "enemy".

These childish comments criticize everything from parenting skills (of which Desiree knows nothing) to income, employment status, living conditions and personal relationships (again, Desiree Ladonna Hill is completely ignorant of  this information).  She simply makes it up as she goes along. 

The nature of the posts are so infantile, nonsensical and barbaric, any rational,  intelligent, thinking person can see that they are coming from a mind that is completely insane. 

The comments are composed of carelessly constructed lies, name calling, misinformation and are crafted from pure narcissistic rage, manipulative persuasive tactics on the part of Desiree Hill and pure, undiluted ignorance.  

Although many of these comments have apparently been reported for abuse and deleted, Desiree Hill, utilizing the name "Flabine" and many other pseudonyms continues to re-post the comments, sometimes several per day,  in a clear, consistent pattern of cyber-stalking and harassment.  Yet, amazingly, defying logic, Desiree Hill continues to state that it is she who is being harassed and stalked.

We'd like this to be fully understood:  
Desiree Hill's reaction is completely expected.  We are mindful of the highly dangerous nature of her disorder; it is not being minimized or ignored  although SHE is being completely ignored.  What that means is we do not ENGAGE Desiree Hill.  We would like people reading to take this VERY SERIOUSLY.  Everything is being recorded.  Every visit by Desiree Hill.  Every attempt to post a comment.  Every email.  Every false claim and accusation, the most benign and the most outrageous, such as supposed death threats to her by email or neglect of children (making false claims such as these is a crime, whether made by her or initiated by her request)  -- all of this disordered, criminal behavior is all easily traceable by electronic means and has been fully documented on our end.  Perhaps Desiree Hill feels she is smart enough to manufacture false evidence but none of that will ever be traceable back to this blog because NO ONE FROM THIS BLOG IS CONTACTING HER/HAS CONTACT WITH HER/EMAILS HER or POSTS in any forum in which she is active.

Desiree Hill claims she is being stalked, but:  No one involved in the maintenance of this blog is pursuing, engaging or interested in having anything to do with Desiree Hill and Desiree Hill was put on notice as of September 2011 that she is not to initiate contact with us because it is unwanted.  

We would strongly urge anyone who has read the material on this blog, who has witnessed her behavior on Topix.com to stay completely away from Desiree Hill, to not engage her in any way because she is VERY DANGEROUS.  As is clearly evident, what she is doing to Michael Jackson she will do to any one, and then some.  She will also play the victim and recruit easily manipulated people to do her dirty work, which will be stalking and harassing, and depending on how unhinged they are, any number of crimes in her defense.  They do not care that she holds and expresses racist ideals and homophobic values because there is no moral compass guiding their behavior.   The goal is to spread hate and discord and hurt others.  

Desiree Ladonna Hill will also, when minions are not available,  pretend to be other people to carry out her dirty work.  She will vehemently deny doing this.  She will accuse her victims of doing what she is in fact doing.   She will stalk, harass, defame and slander and then turn around and accuse others of doing that to her.  She will cry and whine about being attacked and then ridicule others for complaining that she is harassing them.  

Desiree Hill's favorite pass time is putting up pictures and referencing a person's personal information because as a self hating narcissist she believes everyone secretly hates themselves, are ashamed of how they look and their life as much as she is.  Desiree Hill detests and resents the happiness of others and her mission is to destroy that happiness in any way she can.  There is no need to threaten Desiree Ladonna Hill with death because she is spiritually dead, devoid of any positive human virtues whatsoever.  This is why she cannot be criticized and must retaliate because she cannot abide by the truth about her being known. She does not even want to "know" it herself.  She is in a constant battle to hide from her own self.
However, please make note:  While Desiree is so obsessively focused on attacking anyone who disagrees with her relentlessly, dogmatically, without any boundaries whatsoever, even if it crosses over into criminal grounds, guess who she is NOT writing about?  
Desiree Hill is incapable of ignoring this blog, because Desiree Hill is singularly obsessive in all that she does!  She cannot project her self-hatred on more than one thing.  So while she focuses on this blog, she is preoccupied.  Even as she pretends that she doesn't care that she is being criticized she must, like one of Pavlov's dogs, keep checking in, reading, fuming and obsessing. Desiree Hill pretends that she does not have feelings because she believes having feelings is a weakness.  It is why she reacts to any expression of any feelings with disdain.  However, Desiree does have feelings, and one enduring, all encompassing feeling is driving her behavior and that is deep, deep, deep self-hatred.

Now there's been a few changes over at the Desiree Speaks...so listen headquarters, we'd like to highlight them.  Gone is the shameless, dishonest solicitation of Michael Jackson fans to refute the opinions as if they were real facts; gone is the invitation to comment as if Desiree Hill had any real interest in conversation and dialogue!  Language has been omitted and there now appears a terse direction that all comments will be moderated.  Let's take a look:

What's different?  "Also, I do encourage comments.  I'm not the type who 'lurks" on the internet, therefore, I hope others don't do the same.  But if you do that, I can't stop you or put a gun to your head, even if I may want to." - that language has been removed.  

Also removed, her self-serving question, "what is blogworthy?" and the description she's attributed to it of what she will be writing:  "Various random things, such as ponderings, musings, and theories surrounding ALL THINGS Michael Jackson because he's interesting), blackness (because I'm black and damned proud of it) some of my own fiction writings, pop culture, current events, etc."

After two years of writing about nothing but Michael, it seems Desiree, in good conscience, has removed the above paragraph even though she is a pathological liar.  Michael, however, has been upgraded from being an interesting subject to a fascinating subject, though Desiree tries to mask her obsession by referring instead to Michael's "story" and not "all things Michael".  We must note here that the stories on Desiree's blog are tales she is making up as she goes along and have little to do with the real Michael Jackson.

Desiree has added by way of explanation to the line, "Nothing I write is entirely devoid of bias or opinion" this line: "two things impossible to eliminate even for the most accomplished of writers".  Of course the lie that she tries not to be "shrill, hypocritical or anything along those lines which tends to destroy credibility" still remains.   She'd have to not be a hypocrite to remove it as Desiree is most certainly shrill, hypocritical and everything along those lines.

What's different?  A lot!!!  Gone is the arrogant megalomaniacal,  step by step rules for being allowed the "privilege" to post on her blog with condescending definitions to follow.  She no longer requires that one "Respect her turf", "try to follow the flow of conversation as much as possible" or "engage intelligently, especially if you have a dissenting opinion".  Her explanation that "if you want to change her mind, the best way to do so is to engage in intelligent debate" is gone.  We've already proven that intelligent debate is far, far away from what Desiree is interested in.  

She no longer offers an explanation for why and how your comment will disappear without a trace after it has appeared on the blog.  She comes as close to the truth as she can possibly come when she states that she will approve all comments from now on, a practice she began employing again after the advent of this blog.  The last time she moderated comments was when she and Len had their relationship meltdown online for all to witness.  However, she still is a narcissist, so she makes sure to let everyone know commenting on her blog is a "privilege".   She might do well to remember that when she tries to comment on other people's blogs.
ETA 12/18/2011 A recent update to the sidebar evidences that Desiree is continuing to recommend that others read pedophile promoting material as well as tabloid books filled with unsubstantiated gossip.  She also links a number of Maurine Orth articles [ to date, under a heading of "DSSL" approved links, as if that lends the links clout] (someone should be smart enough to ask for a kickback for this free advertising) and also the only other hater blog as dedicated to their Michael Jackson obsession as she is.  She should add a Maureen Orth quote to go with all of her links, after all she is the woman who said, "Nobody speaks for Michael Jackson."  Thank you, Ms. Orth, for that little bit of truth.  No, you do not speak for Michael, neither does Desiree Hill.  We summarily dismiss the opinions of  Ms. Orth, mufti-millionaire journalist, widow of a man who was once the Senior Vice President of NBC News, who hypocritically critiques the rich, celebrity lifestyle which is in fact her milieu.  
Of course, we would be remiss if we didn't mention that Desiree's 100 Things About Me page was removed almost immediately after this blog began, as was the baby picture of Desiree Hill and her sister, Jessica Hill and the other two pictures of herself which we've graciously displayed for her on this blog.

We find her recent behavior: her criminal stalking and harassment under various monikers but mostly the name "Flabine", these changes, along with her deleting her name, location and changing the handle on her accounts at places such as Amazon extremely curious but absolutely telling for someone who said that they didn't "care" about this blog but clearly, evidently, cares very much. 


  1. Anonymous6:07:00 AM

    It's interesting that she's made these changes but still talks 90% about the "fans", how stupid they are and how much she either dislikes or feels sorry for them. So I guess it's a monologue?

  2. Anonymous9:12:00 AM

    Good point. It is the ever changing face/name/IP address of Desiree Hill.

  3. Her sock puppets are very nasty, because she likes to hide that side of herself. They are the epitome of all of her hidden parts, ultra racist, highly abusive and homophobic, and vulgar beyond belief.

    But her disordered mind thinks behaving that way shows that the people she's attacking are bad.

  4. Anonymous2:19:00 PM

    They are beyond nasty. As her sock puppets, Desiree is vile and it's only because she thinks those words can't be traced back to her.

  5. Anonymous5:12:00 AM

    Great update, I obviously agree with it! I've also signed the petitions. I never thought about it that way but it's very true that this blog has distracted Desiree from her main obsession and i guess that's a good thing though I think it's horrible that she just started harassing someone else.

  6. great post.

    Desirèe...more and more she writes and keep chanaging her things and more she reveal herself

  7. Clearly1:38:00 PM

    @Anonymous, I read what you wrote on the other thread and I get your point. Words do hurt and they do have meaning. I think the haters make themselves look stupid but you're right, it's a smear campaign too. Now isn't it just amazing how they all jumped up to support Desiree even though they don't know her? It seems like they understand the concept of there being strength in numbers. Then again, I guess it's not really support it's just them being hateful on her behalf. I guess any excuse will do. I've signed the petition, TGP. Thanks for providing the link for us.

    "mjmymasturbation wrote:
    Miky, my bloated buttercup, even if I were Desiree (incidentally, I'm not, but it's a flattering comparison), why would I be embarrassed by any of the quotes that you have posted by "me"? "

    Who is she kidding, that has Desiree writeen all over it and we know how much she loves creating multiple personalities. p.s. I love the point you make about how you've kept her occupied for hmmmm, how long has it been? Four months now! I wonder how Desiree feels to know she's been dominated and controlled? :P

  8. Anonymous1:59:00 PM

    "Now isn't it just amazing how they all jumped up to support Desiree even though they don't know her?"

    C'mon, they know her!Maybe NFL and the other's don't "know" her but Len is disgusting and the Murray is a Hero/Floons r Fools, those were dogs set out especially by her to do her dirt. Trust.

  9. Clearly3:54:00 AM

    Have you noticed that she's added a list of recommended books and blogs on her side bar? I think it's perfect! Anyone with sense will look at that list of that tabloid trash and dismiss her entirely. She should change her side bar to read "Everything I write is completely made up of bias and opinion."

    Frenchie had the nerve to make a comment: "The inability to handle criticism is what creates the ... of the world"
    Fill in the blank and guess who's name she put in there? (the person she says made this blog) Why didn't she put Desiree Hill, she is the primary person who cannot take criticism WTF! lmao! I still think Desiree is Frenchie! You should do a post on all her nics.

  10. Thanks, I've just updated the post. If Desiree is not Frenchie, I think she tells her what to write : )

  11. Desiree wrote this ""As far as Desiree is concerned, she does not care about these kids, not even enough to hope they turn out fine, and definitely not enough to talk about them. I vote for apathy or even cautious pessimism if I'm feeling generous."

    she said this just after spending days talking abt mjs kids. plus, why is she talking abt herself in da third person? she is such a clown.

  12. the fact that she does not care about his children and at the same time she writes about them tell us everything.
    For example if she really believed michael was a p------e, but she had a heart she would say: i pray for his children and pray they turn out fine. Just as much as people who like s believe he was not would do.
    Children are children no metter what and who are their parents and what they did.

  13. Anonymous2:33:00 PM

    Desiree said she doesn't like children, so that really says it all.

  14. Anonymous6:22:00 PM

    Desiree doesn't like anyone but herself. Did she really speak in the third person? LOL

    She hates Michael's kids for the same reason she hates Brett Barnes. They prove that all her endless shit on MJ are just her own fantasies and have no actual bearing on reality, no matter how much she hopes it will. It's the same reason the haters hate the idea of Jordan Chandler or Gavin being in the spotlight, they have to be kept away because the light on them will quickly erase all the shadows Desiree thrives in.

  15. Clearly2:33:00 AM

    "DSSL-approved links" Can you believe she added this to her links, as if it being approved by Dessiree means anything. Desiree you are a nobody! She is such a narcissist!
    Desiree is speaking of herself int he third person and Alby speaks of "her" site as if she isn't the mysterious writer. Isn't that what Desiree said, that Alby wrote the MJfact site?

    Alby said: "I was aghast at that crazy woman you referred to - she referred to MJFacts as a pro-pedophilia site? And she has the nerve to say that when her own site says it's OK for men to sleep with unrelated children and books full of pictures of boys made by pedophiles are "art", both of which MJFacts has condemned?

    That would only be proof of the bizarre logic in her mind and further evidence that anything she writes or says can't be the result of healthy thoughts or emotions. That goes for her cohorts who support her all the way, too.

    Michael Jackson fans make me sick."

    She's talking about Vindicate MJ. If Michael Jackson fans make them so sick why do they continue going to their sites, reading, quoting, referring to, talking about them what the hell, isn't that sick behavior?
    It's amazing how they reinterpret everything with their sick mind and judge from there. For example the art books that they call pedophilia is pedophilia because they say so and then anyone who says the books are okay and not pedophilia is in fact a pedophile supporter. Just like they said that anyone who said the books were okay support pedophilia cause either way we all support pedophiles right? But Desiree who has said plainly that pedophiles are good people who love children and we should read their books and make friends with them and talk to them and buy their books and go to their sites, they IGNORE all of that shit! What the hell again!

    Desiree said: "I want to know how many of those deluded f'loons--some of whom have kids--would let their 11-13-year-old sons sleep in the same bed as Jacko."

    I literally can't stand this question because it's so stupid and irrelevant. What any fans would do has nothing to do with who Michael Jackson was and what he is guilty or innocent of. The truth is lots of children sleep with non relatives all the time and nothing happens to them because molestation doesn't happen only in a bed!

    Desiree said: "I would never, ever, ever let my son be alone with a grown man who has never had a girlfriend and loves Mickey Mouse and Disneyland. There's something wrong with someone like that; they want to have sex with your son."

    OMG, Desiree SHUT UP! You said you didn't want kids. You said you don't like children so shut the fuck up and stop acting like you care about children! Just because someone loves Disneyland and Mickey Mouse doesn't mean they want to have sex with your imaginary son, you fucking idiot!

  16. Clearly2:47:00 AM

    Desiree said: "How fucking dreadful. It shows the complete desperation on their parts that they lack the decency and honesty to, at the very least, admit that the people who believe Jacko was a child molester do not support the sexual abuse of children by so-called 'boy-lovers'."
    Desiree you are a fucking disgusting liar. You have the nerve to talk about decency and honesty. You support boy-lovers. Remember you said that a person can be a boy-lover and not nefarious, there are some of you out there. Who the fuck were you talking about if not your fucking self? God, she's such a liar!

    Desiree said: "Hell, even though f'loons are technically defending a child molester and his 'art' and his MOs (sleepovers, etc), I would never say they 'support' pedophilia. Why? Because they don't, which is why they don't want Jacko to be a pedophile."

    Boo hoo again, you are a liar. I would never Yes, you have over and over and you know what, you're a pedophile supporter that's why you've been called one. Read the quotes, liar, you fucking wrote them!

    Desiree said: "What is amazing to me is that f'loon was not even a fan before Jacko died and she's so hardcore delusional."

    OMG, Desiree SHHHHHHUTTTT UP!!!!! Ugh, pot calling kettle. Desiree you were not a fan either so how hardcore delusional are you!!!!!

    Desiree said: "Someone like Carl Toms, who is a pedophile, points out that Jacko is one and acknowledges that Jacko is on his team as a fellow boy-lover. Someone like any of the commenters on this site or myself or you or any MJ Realists is not doing what Toms is doing. We point out his pedophilia whereby people may know and accept that this is not someone we, as a society, should give any money, attention, or affection to. "

    First of all, we don't know what the fuck you're doing! We know what you said. We know what you've done. Here you go again, quoting a pedophile! You gave him your money in support, you freakin' liar! You have pedophile sites quoting you left and right. You have supported their lifestyle with your own words! Again, Desiree stop lying!
    Desiree said: "If f'loons cannot be honest at least that much and acknowledge that no one who discusses Jacko (Realists or fans) advocates or supports child sexual abuse, than they have zero credibility."
    Seriously, I'm feeling ill. Desiree has over and over again accused fans of supporting pedophilia by supporting Michael Jackson and she is now doing a 360 on this and trying to play Ms. innocent. Yes, you do support pedophilia. Yes, you do Desiree. YES YOU FUCKING DO. What kind of person writes about the anal rape of a child the way you do Desiree and calls abuse victims special friends and molestation a relationship and argues for the lowering of the age of consent...you know what...

  17. Clearly2:49:00 AM

    let me just quote the rest before I get a migraine:

    Desiree said: "There is zero content on MJ Facts that is pro-pedophilia. She should be ashamed of herself. What a pathetic life she must live: a 57-year-old woman obsessing about a dead suspected pedophile.

    And you'd think that they'd be capable of the self-distance needed to see that flagrant and baseless projections do not help their god in the eyes of non-fans and non-Realists. Isn't that what they want: to convince everyone in the world that Jacko was an innocent, Christ-like icon--an angel from Heaven? Or, at least, that he wasn't a pedophile?

    They are simply preaching to the choir with the BS about any 'hater' being a pedophile or supporting it; only nutters would believe that tripe. People passing through will think they're totally batshit insane. Can't say the same about sites like DSSL and MJ Facts, the only two Realist sites out there.

    Don't even worry about their incomprehensible diatribes. Anyone with a brain will know she's farting from hers if they go to MJ Facts.

    It's a compliment: they are so intimidated by the research presented on MJ Facts that the only way they believe they can keep people from leaving their cult is by libeling the site. It's so unbecoming of middle-aged people; you'd think they'd know better by now. It still blows my mind as a young person when I think about it. But I guess if you're a young idiot, you'll be an old idiot... "

    Desiree shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Stop copying off of people. Now we are a "cult"? Where'd you get that from? You are a pedophile supporter. You wrote that comment to respond to the post here that clearly quotes you supporting them over and over. Anyone with sense who see's the quotes will see you for who you are, liar. No, Michael was not a god but I know who the devil is: YOU because you are the closest thing to evil that I've ever read. You lie without any hestiancy.

    You say, don't worry about it, it's a compliment, but you care so much that you have to keep talking and talking and trying to spin and make yourself look innocent and like you have some kind of calling to "help" the fans that make you sick and you can't stand and you can't stop criticizing because at the end of the day you are just evil, evil, EVIL!

    Desiree said: "I wish these f'loons the best. I'm done arguing about it. If they want to believe that Jacko was never a pedophile, fine. In fact, I couldn't care less what they believe;"

    So shut up Desiree. Why are you still going on and on about it? Shut up already. Did I say shut up? I know you won't thought, because, oh, yeah, that's right, you're a liar and you can't stop. It's part of your disorder.

    Sorry, but I needed to vent. I dare Desiree to respond to the post calling her a pedophile, to address each quote and explain why she isn't a pedophile supporter but I know she won't.

  18. Desiree is trying to align herself with MJfacts the way she did with Jason Pfeiffer. Desiree feels like she is under attack because she cannot stand criticism so she needs a friend.

    It's a good thing her new "friend" doesn't really care that she's a racist, advocate for adult sex with children homophobe. It's a good thing that her new ally doesn't really give a damn about pedophilia or the safety of children.

    It's a good thing her new friend is a self confessed "hater" otherwise she'd have a pretty hard time linking herself up with them.

    This new alliance shows you that haters are just about hating, period. There's no integrity. No moral fiber. No interest in the truth. They could careless who the people they are "hanging" out with and talking to are REALLY about. Actually they are very comfortable being with slimy, unethitcal bullies who will say and do anything.

    Morally bereft people dislike moral, good people like Michael because he makes them feel uncomfortable.

    The good he did and the person who he was shows so clearly what they are lacking as human beings that they just can't stand it, that's why they talk only about Michael Jackson, who I might remind everyone is no longer with us.

    Child sexual abuse is happening right now. Why don't they go join an advocacy group, or volunteer at a program for survivors? Why don't they DO SOMETHING to STOP this subject that they are so very interested in?

    Aren't they interested in stopping it?

    What positive thing are they doing in regards to this subject?

    Again I will answer my own question.


  19. next time in the english vocabulary, under the voice : "Liar" we'll read: Desirée Hill.

  20. I'm glad you updated this post.

  21. GOLD: "We'd love for Desiree to explain why she believes a blog, which simply harvests her quotes and information about her and critiques them is harassment, but her behavior on Topix.com, where she creates lies and slander to attack the people with whom she does not agree is NOT harassment."

    PURE GOLD: "Once again, you will know it is Desiree and her minion because they are THE ONLY ONES talking about these particular people. No one else could be bothered or cares and they are the only ones who accuse EVERYONE of being their targeted "enemy".

    PRICELESS: "These childish comments criticize everything from parenting skills (of which Desiree knows nothing) to income, employment status, living conditions and personal relationships (again, Desiree Ladonna Hill is completely ignorant of this information). She simply makes it up as she goes along.

    "Although many of these comments have apparently been reported for abuse and deleted, Desiree Hill, utilizing the name "Flabine" and many other pseudonyms, continues to re-post the comments, sometimes several per day, in a clear, consistent pattern of cyber-stalking and harassment. Yet, amazingly, defying logic, Desiree Hill continues to state that it is she who is being harassed and stalked."

    Thank you and well said. Desiree has pounded the proverbial nail in her own coffin by behaving as she is on Topix.com. She is fooling no one and actually proving what an unstable, unsavory character she truly is. No one who is sane will take her seriously now and the rest simply do not matter.

  22. I think you should know that


  23. Thank you, I noticed people were logging on from there.

    The more Desiree talks about this blog, the more she makes it relevant.

    People WILL come by and see what it is all about. She is her own worst enemy.

    do you see how she makes the same accusations that she has been charged with and then in the very next breath she continues to beg people to argue with her.

    The message of this blog is to IGNORE DESIREE HILL.

    She cannot stand that message and it shouting from the roof tops for someone to pay attention to her.

  24. Maybe you should put one of her racist rant at the top of the main page, one from the Whitewatch and explain what is White Watch.

  25. Are you a member of IMBD?

    You should put the quote there and link it to the page on racism. Really Desiree is making this blog more popular than it ever was. I can't tell you how many people are logging in now compared to before.

    Desiree has been completely discredited. If this blog was a non-factor, then why does she keep talking about it and why is she attacking this person so hard!

    By the way, she has made an official statement. You can google it.

  26. On her blog? She blocked me

  27. No, on IMdb, the place you put the link up for.

    anyway, look at the slide show up above. Tell me how it looks.

  28. Anonymous2:57:00 PM

    Doesn't this sound just like her?


  29. Thank you my dear. I am updating the article to include that link and information. It sounds JUST like her. Of course she will say others are doing that to her.


  30. I posted a link with a few of her racist quotes.

  31. Great! Now she will accuse you of being Sabine from Brooklyn, Lol! Do you see the slide show above okay?

    It looks good from my end. If you think there are any other quotes I should include please let me know.

  32. Also I am dying for someone to say to Desiree: IF YOU DON'T CARE, WHY DO YOU KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT?


    She is such a joke.

  33. Anonymous3:58:00 PM

    Ameeramac is the name of Sabine's business and Desiree is now using it to post on Topix. Give her enough rope she will hang herself.

  34. What was your post where you quoted someone from Stuff Black don't like who said she was blocked because of her idea on pedophilia?

  35. I know which one you mean, Sarah. @anonymous, if you google you can read the Statement Sabine has mae on her blog about Topix and what is happening.

  36. From DoingResaerch

    "LOL! I love how MJ fans are so terrified od Desiree they go to the trouble of creating all these links and web pages devoted to discrediting her. It shows how badly she has you guys beat that your forced to engage in such desperate behavior. "

  37. Sarah, thank you for the idea of putting up a some quotes on the front page. The slide looks great. We'd like to also unofficially thank Desiree for being so stupid and giving this blog so much advertisement. The more people who are aware of exactly who she is the better she will be ignored.

  38. Haters will always say that, but smart people will click the links and they will see that the links are real.

    That is why we say it makes no sense to talk to haters. They will never say, You know what, wow, you have a point. I think I was wrong.

    In their sick minds they are never wrong. They really are all a bunch of bullies.

    They will always deny, deny, deny. By the way, Doingresearch is in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  39. Could you make a screen shot of all the time she went to your blog?

  40. Anonymous4:37:00 PM

    Whenever Desiree's name comes up in a conversation about Michael Jackson, everyone should say, ahhh, that crazy girl is a racist homophobe. She hates everyone and loves to talk about pedophiles and just link this blog. Don't even bother to address her "facts". She will hate that because she wants to piss fans off and it will be like she wrote for nothing.

  41. I have those screen shots but I'm saving them.
    Why do you think I should put it up, because she says she doesn't care about this blog?

    lol! It's so obvious she cares!

  42. "We'd like to also unofficially thank Desiree for being so stupid and giving this blog so much advertisement."

    The link to your blog was posted by Hanabi. She is probably the author of the fake Barnes's answer.

  43. "Why do you think I should put it up, because she says she doesn't care about this blog?"


  44. Yes, Desiree called her Pauline, that is why she was triggered to answer. If she had any information on Pauline, she would stalk her because Pauline made a complete fool of her.

    If I put up those i.p. address hits showing that Desiree visited this blog numerous time, she would say exactly what Alby said, that I made it up, just like Doingresearch said the quotes were made up.

    I will put it up, but not to prove anything to Desiree or the haters.

    The fact that Desiree keeps advertising this blog all over the internet is proof that she cares very much.

  45. @Anonymous good idea. I don't see why any fan wastes their time arguing with Desiree.

  46. On IMbdb, omg, Sarah, perfect response. They will say, the haters, but the topic is Michael Jackson, let's talk about him, and the response is, we cannot have a real discussion with a lying, hypocrite who actually supports pedophilia, can we?

  47. I think most people who will read that link will understand that.

  48. Thank you for your excellent memory, Sarah, if you look above, I've now captured those quotes and I put them right up after the whitewatch quote.

  49. Anonymous5:48:00 PM

    Here is another good link to an article that talks about the FBI profile of a Stalker. You're gonna love how this one starts out.


    Gee I sure hope the FBI never finds out about her!

  50. Anonymous5:58:00 PM

    Omg, this just perfect. "Stalkers are like naughty third graders. They don't care what kind of attention they get, as long as it's attention." (1) Individuals unfamiliar with the phenomenon of stalkers and stalking often are surprised that stalkers may value negative attention just as much as they do positive attention. Why would anyone want to have a relationship with another person who does not want to be involved? "

    Desiree please climb back under the rock that you came out from under. We don't want to be your friend.

  51. @Anonymous frm 3:58 p.m. "Ameeramac is the name of Sabine's business and Desiree is now using it to post on Topix. Give her enough rope she will hang herself.

    Someone on Topix mentioned it was sad that all the MJ fans didn't get on her about the bullying, especially when they were mentioning young kids and the person said if it was MJ they would have. that's true, I think. All of the defending we do of Michae ldid we forget to care about each other, too? I know people don't want Desiree to stalk them too but it was kinda sad to see no one say stop it, this is wrong.

  52. @Kaela, someone left a very nice comment on Sabine's personal blog supporting her and giving her encouragement. I agree with you but the sad truth is Desiree is so Norman Bates psycho scary no one wants to get in her radar.

    She has done this to Michael of course. Also Lynette, Pauline and now Sabine.

    So that FBI profile is on point. I bet the FBI already has a file on her because of her pedophilia obsessions. It's so funny how it starts out saying exactly what we say here! Well, the truth is the truth!

    Man, you should see how many people are coming here from Imdb.

  53. TGP, I read what I wrote and I didn't wanna come off sounding like a hypocrite. I dont' post on Topix so I meant the regular people who post there who are mj fans. Idid report many comments. It's nice that someone has sent her a message of support I might do that too.

  54. Kaela I understand. When a bully is acting up in a perfect world, everyone should say stop it. Sadly, that doesn't happen.

  55. Thank you11:19:00 AM

    When you put it all together, the stalking on Topix, the comments on Imdb, the blog and all of the other comments she's made over the years isn't it clear that Desiree has absolutely no social life, when else could she have time to meet with friends or have a boyfriend.

    What she is doing shows her to be a sad, sick and disturbed individual and because she is so young I predict that if she does not change (and she will not) she will land herself in jail or some place worst soon. She has all the makings of a psychotic killer, lack of empathy, no boundaries, inability to understand right from wrong, lying excessively. She is a Casey Anthony in the making. If she does not molest a child she will marry a man who will.
    I somehow wish someone would bring this to the attention her mother, Carolyn Lamb, who is a social worker but then again, if Desiree is as bad as she is (and we see evidence of it in Jessica) I cannot help but think that Carolyn's lack of parenting has something to do with who she is.
    All in all this is an important public announcement about a dangerous person. The smear campaign she is attempting to launch does not take away from the criminality of her behavior and the ugliness of her words which are clearly attributable to Desiree Hill. She only shows herself to be guilty as chgarged.

  56. Look who is back on IMDB fighting for Desiree? Guess who Indahouse!!!

  57. Indahouse's message

    It is sad what Desiree is being exposed as. Accusing whole races of pedophilia is not cool. (it was a message from Mijacology)

    If you took what she wrote as meaning what you wrote above, then it's really no surprise you "think" MJ is innocent.


  58. They all stick together, don't they. MJ fans should do the same!

    Who is Doingresearch, whoever it is sounds like Desiree:

    Is she Jessica or Desiree herself?

    You said that doingresearch was stupid but she sounds like Desiree here.

    "f you think her conclusions about MJ are wrong then debate her on the facts and the evidence, but comparing a woman of such evident intellect to an amoeba"

    Desiree wants people DESPERATELY to argue with her, to MAKE HER RELEVANT.

    If I was on Imdb, I would say if Desiree was truly smart, she would stop talking about this blog and the people she targets and keep talking about Michael Jackson, but it's not about Michael Jackson, it's about Desiree trying to prove to everyone that she is as smart as she'd like to believe she is.

    The only response if Michael Jackson fans are interested in beating her at her own game is:

    You are psychotic and a liar. There are not facts. I will not have a conversation with a liar, and then you back up the claim with links.

    She is like the devil. When she says that pointing out that she is a racist and a liar makes Michael Jackson look bad it is a lie and a joke.

    She is not interested in making Michael Jackson
    "look good".

    The idea that she is intelligent is a joke.

    What smart person attracts so much attention to a blog she wants others to ignore?

    What smart person behaves in such a way that shows her to be a psychotic cyber stalker and then still says, I am so smart, I am so smart, I am so smart.

    Desiree is not smart. She's actually pretty stupid.

  59. "This talented black Goddess has MJ fans living in terror."

    Seriously, lol, is doingresearch Desiree? What a sad, lonely person she is.

  60. Anonymous2:45:00 PM

    "the reason Desiree is so respected for her intelligence and dignity"


  61. DoingResearch is an ass kisser. Before he knew Desiree, he was kissing Tofu's ass (Tofu was a crazy poster on IMDB). I think he post on Desiree's blog. Yes, he is stupid.

    In one of his post he claimed that MJ's body might be black again.

  62. I think DoingResearch is Opinion.

  63. So anyway the bottom line is they "highly respect" a racist, homophobic, pedophile supporter and we don't.

    I think that ends the conversation, right?

    Desiree (and other haters): Debate me on the facts

    Mj fans: No thank you. You are a liar and a racist, and that's not all. No thank you. Your opinion has no value.

  64. Anonymous2:59:00 PM

    But who is Opinionation? we already know J-M-H is Jessica.

    They all sound like each other.

  65. By the way, don't you think it's possible that she is attracted to Mesereau.

  66. I don't know, I'm finding it hard to believe that even an ass kisser would describe Desiree as a "talented black Goddess, highly respected"

    "Well MJ fans certainly attempt to lynch such an intelligent and dignified black girl, but her agile and slender neck continues to evade your clumsy noose. "

    I don't know. This sounds like the type of stuff that Desiree would write about herself. What would they get out of saying that about her, especially when it is so obviously untrue.

    People hate Desiree.

    "they've created entire web pages and blogs to hurl incoherent insults at a college girl half their age but twice their intelligence"

    This is Desiree's language. She is obsessed with age and constantly points out that the person she thinks is responsible for this blog is older and that she is a "college girl", as if that means something.

    When Desiree insults a person she always concentrates on where they live, their age, their intelligence and if they have children, they are bad mothers.

  67. @Sarah, "By the way, don't you think it's possible that she is attracted to Mesereau."

    Sarah, this is my take on Desiree and I spoke to a psychologist about it.

    Desiree was molested by a white man when she was a child and she identified with him, that means she liked the attention, the sexual feelings and the power he had over her. She wants that. She hated feeling dependent and powerless and NEVER wants to feel that way. She has a lot of unidentified rage inside about it.

    She will NEVER admit this.

    Parts of her doesn't see it as abuse, and that's why you read her defending pedophiles talking about lowering the age of consent and describing the acts of molestation as if it is a relationship. It is also why she is so interested in the subject of pedophilia.

    Desiree's behavor on the sbpdl blog was her trying to get the attention and approval of her abusers. The more they abused her, disrespected her and talked down to her, the more she wanted them to acknowledge that she was smart and wanted and to pay her attention.

    Remember, she identifies with the abuser, so she wants to be the top dog in any interaction; she didn't want to be their friend; she wanted to abuse them.

    SSo she was always trying to abuse and "win".

    She opened her blog to continue the same dynamic. She wants to be the top dog abuser, attract people to abuse and express her unidentified rage and psychosis.

    So Desiree wants to be her abuser or be with her abuser.

    She wants to be a white woman with long, flowing hair like Kim Kardashian and abuse a white man that she can dominate -- that will never happen, so she will settle for being with a white man who will treat her like a "black goddess" while she dominates and abuses him.

    That's my long answer of saying yep, I'm sure she's attracted to Tmez.

  68. Anonymous3:33:00 PM

    I just read skyus2000's comment on Imdb, I like her!!! She's funny but she's wrong about Desiree not being scary, that bitch is scary and people should be scared of her because she's bat shit crazy lmao but I'm being serious.

  69. Anonymous3:51:00 PM

    "You're scared because you see how persuasive she is and how many people she's convincing and feel compelled to discredit her, but MJ fans lack the intelligence to actually debate her either in her blog, their blog or this forum, so they hurl racist, elitist and misogynistic insults at her."

    I'm so wishing I had an Imdb account now. Desiree is convincing no one who wasn't already convinced and no matter what an MJ fan says, unless they agree with these haters, they are stupid. As far as the racist, elitist and misogynistic insults, DESIREE WROTE THEM WTF!

  70. Anonymous4:19:00 PM

    "Tell us, why has Desiree Hill taken down her bug-eyed photo off her blog? From what I hear, she has taken it down and is now trying to distance herself from all of her psychotic rantings.

    She woke up one day and realized...oooops....she has used her real name and photograph on the internet to slander several people with accusations of something very dirty (pedophilia).

    She woke up one day and realized....ooops....she has used her real name and photograph to create homosexual pornographic fanfics about Michael Jackson.

    She woke up one morning hung over and realized....ooops....she has used her real name and photograph in using some of the most vile language available to describe acts of molestation against children.

    Sounds like she's running scared to me.

    Next thing you know, she will have to get plastic surgeries and a nose job to run and hide...just like Evan Chandler did. "

    OMG, lol!

  71. Hey everybody, someone sent me an email about a blog that has decided to tackle Desiree's lies and I just check it out:

    They've posted part one and I guess there's more to come.

    I've put up a link in the side bar. So far, looks great!

    I hope they're ready for the backlash.

  72. Clearly5:00:00 PM

    From that Imbd link: "If you don't read the aforementioned...If you can find errors in that post, be sure to leave a comment on my site explaining them in explicit detail. That's of course, if you read it."

    OMG, please read me, please read me, please talk to me, please pay me attention to me. Please come to my site.

    Desiree is pathetic.

  73. Clearly5:53:00 PM

    Look at Indahouse trying to defend Desiree by claiming that this blog uses "ad hominem" attacks against her. Every time haters dismiss mj fans as f'loons and call them all unintelligent they use ad hominem attacks. The fact is who a person is and what they've done and said is very important to a discussion and it can't be ignored. I hope the fans on Imdb give him a good response to that bit of nonsense. It's so funny how they all ran to her defense, amazing really since she is so guilty. Hmph, maybe that's why, because she's so guilty.
    You know, I think that's it!

  74. Clearly5:54:00 PM

    ooops, I mean "her" since Indahouse is "Lisa" lol!

  75. @Anonymous,

    why don't you join the fight on IMDB.

  76. hi guys, i'm back(actually i came here during the weekend but didn't have the time to comment) :D
    I was just thinking (again) that the title of her blog say everything:
    Desiréespeakssolisten = i need attention. :D
    But someone healthy, who needs attention, would do something more important (or different) than going around on the web and bulling.
    I really do someone will report her...
    Actually here in italy a new social network that could be use to denunce is going to be released...who knows ...probably one day it will be activeted everywhere...and she'll be out.

  77. Wonderama1:10:00 PM

    @Sarah, I took your advice so that's me over on the Imdb thread.

  78. Wonderama, I knew it was you. Thank you for your post.

  79. Wonderama1:51:00 PM

    Doingresearch posts are sickening, Sarah! He sounds and I'm sure smells like he's talking from deep in Desiree's ass lol!

  80. I like your answer on IMDB.

  81. Wonderama2:18:00 PM

    One of the things I like 'bout Imdb is you can pick who you want to read and put others on ignore. Doingresearch is talking out of Desiree's ass again. I'm not gonna reply or read 'cause it's just gonna annoy me.
    Sarah, maybe you should hit him with another quote, like the one where Des is talking to herself as Professor Snape 'cause I think he's got to be someone on her blog, probably her or Jessica.

  82. Anonymous10:34:00 PM

    I'm pretty convinced that Doingresearch is probably Desiree. Whoever he is, the idiot is really imploding. His posts just get crazier, weirder, and more bizarre with every passing day. Obviously, he does a lot of it just to be purposely inflammatory. Probably sits back and laughs at everyone who takes his bait. It's a game just to see how much crazy, ridiculously "out there" ish he can get away with. But seriously, no one in their right mind is that far up anyone's a/s unless it's either them or a relative (like a twin sister, maybe?)

  83. Public Lynching11:20:00 PM

    You know what I found interesting? The comment by emailraven. She said the same thing that the person guy Stuff Black People Don't Like said about Desiree, how she tried to dominate the comment section with her own views, that was like wow. Doingresearch, if that's not Desiree then she is emailing that person what to say and how to say it because come on, the narcissism is out of control.
    I agree that most of it is to get a rise out of people.

  84. I never thought I would agree with someone like the guy on Stuff Black people don't like. It's scary.

  85. I think there's a few things mj fans and the general public can learn from this blog.

    No. 1, crazy has no color! Those people on SBPDL were racists, many of them, but they weren't narcissists. As racist as some of the people were on SBPDL, they sure knew exactly what they were dealing with when it came to Desiree.

    She wanted the approval of a white man and wanted to be included in part of their group but only if she could get to abuse them like they were abusing her -that's the sick, sick relationship she craves with anyone.

    No. 2, which I think is obvious, Desiree is a narcissist.

    No. 3, All the haters who claim that they are on a crusade for justice and want to protect children, including mr. mjfacts himself or herself, depending on what sockpuppet s/he uses, couldn't care less about children or justice.

    I mean we suspected before that they were liars but now we have proof.

    When faced with the lies, hypocrisy, racism, homophobia and pedophile apologetic views of one of their own, only ONE of them were able to say, no, I don't stand by that, that's wrong.

    The rest of them
    refused to look at THE FACTS,
    refused to acknowledge THE FACTS,
    refused to denounce the person and their actions but instead lied, deflected and made excuses -- the SAME THING they accuse mj fans of doing for Michael.

    So basically most haters ARE FRAUDS; they are not anti-child abuse or pro-children rights at all. They are not even anti-Michael.


    Now unlike Desiree who likes to talk shit, I've already said that we're done with her.

    We don't want to talk to her.
    We don't want nothing to do with her.
    We don't want her visiting us and leaving comments here.
    We do love all the promotion she's doing for our blog though. The more SANE people who understand her behavior, the better.

    Outside of the Michael Jackson world, of course, she is no one of consequence and must tell herself that she is brilliant, gifted, talented to fill up the hole that is her heart.

    Sucks for her. She is just going to have to accept that this blog exists, that she actually created it and had been for years through her own arrogance, intolerance and abusiveness.

    We'd like to officially thank her for providing so many quotes and material to prove what we suspected.

    The HIGHLY SUSPECT blog, Desiree Speaks So Listen has been critiqued, discredited, revealed for the abusive trap that it is.

    Haters can deny, lie, minimize, distort all they want; that only works on the very gullible and other abusive people like them.

    Sane, well balanced people who like to be treated well will not fall for it.

    Those who hate Michael will continue to hate him. Those who know Michael is innocent or suspected it, will hopefully avoid being abused by Ms. Hill and if they do, there's a place they can come to that will explain why.

    Those on the fence will make up their own minds. Unlike Ms. Hill, we don't have a need to bully people into thinking the way we want them to think.

    Job done.

  86. "ONE of them were able to say, no, I don't stand by that, that's wrong."

    Who is that guy?

  87. I really like to know what happened on Desiree's blog during her lynching on imdb.

  88. What are you wondering about Desiree's blog, Sarah, did something happen?

    If GetaClue is still around she or he could tell you more but from what I read on Topix, Jinda? I think that's her name, she said that those emails Desiree sent to Brett Barnes were disrespectful and a sign of a sense of entitlement and no consideration and I think she and Indahouse were arguing about the quote where Desiree was saying the 11 year old girl looked like a woman and that's why she was raped. Indahouse was making excuses and said that the quotes were fake and Jinda went and looked and said, no they were real and said that wrong was wrong.

    I don't remember the details but she was the only one. Krackerjax made excuses for Desiree and the rest ignored them.

  89. I'd like to know if something happened, I am sure she is very pissed off by what happened on IMDB. IMDB has around 60 millions of connections each month. Being called a racist, homophobe, pro pedo on a site like that is a huge humiliation.

  90. Even if you can't see her blog, you can look at the comments, well just the beginning any way.


    Yeah, and not even just accused but proven to be racist, homophobe and pro ped with your own words! Yikes!

    Imdb has that many viewers? I should have guessed because we had over 300 more hits onto our site after Desiree made her comment.

    If she was really smart she would have just stayed silent.

    When that person put the link up, it was just a few but after Desiree's comment every hour it just grew and grew.

    Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, people like controversy and drama.

    Even all of her antics on Topix just made people visit this site more and I'm not talking about one minute, five minute visits. I'm talking about hours.

  91. About Topix, yesterday one of the comments I left (about the bullying and saying it's wrong) even though it said my name and location it didn't say what I wrote. I think the mods on Topix try to amp up the conversation by writing controversial stuff and that some of the bullying comments are the people from Topix mods or admins. They delete some comments but leave trash that just talks down about people. I guess the more traffic they get the better. You should have seen my face when after I press to post my comment I looked and it didn't say what I wrote! I think you should take the links off to their site.

    "Outside of the Michael Jackson world, of course, she is no one of consequence and must tell herself that she is brilliant, gifted, talented to fill up the hole that is her heart."

    About Desiree, she's always saying she has a high IQ or that she's smart or whatever. If she really believed that I don't think she would have to say it because it would just show but she knows it's a lie so she tries to convince herself and everyone else, that's what I think. People have said it here before, smart people don't talk like that.

  92. I guess I should have stuck with my gut instinct and not post on Topix but after what I wrote I felt bad and wanted to say something but then they didn't even post what I said! You're right about it being a garbage dump.

  93. Kaela! You want to know something? You're not the first person that told me that happened to them!!!!

    Remember the petition I put up, I don't know if you saw it. If you have not signed it, here it is

    They have 2,462 signatures and the goal was 2,500.

    Please sign if you haven't already.

  94. guys thank u so much for all the informations.
    The more i read about desirèe and more i'm disgusted.

  95. From the petition, "Topix own moderators have even been known to post on the site attacking other users to try and encourage "hits" to their website."

  96. Wonderama8:02:00 AM

    Signed. I hope Des is feeling like crap this morning. I know she won't show it but I hope she is feelin' it!

  97. So basically Desiree is going batshit crazy on Topix, I guess that's how she is responding to the imdb thread.

  98. Wonderama12:24:00 PM

    So damn! I didn't know she was gonna show it like that! That bitch is fucking nuts, like hide your wife, hide your kids get your dog nuts.

  99. Public Lynching1:09:00 PM

    Can you guys see this comment?
    I posted it but I swear I don't think Topix is allowing it to be seen. The first time they fucking deleted it! You see how it says 94 and then jumps to 96? Damn, Topix is FOUL!!!!!

  100. Girls, girls, girls, you have to IGNORE HER!!!!

    What is she doing?

    She's PROVING that everything that we said here is true. Let her knock herself out. Let her post 20 miliion posts on Topix with pictures and links booksites, crying about how someone is not a good writer or whatever.

    The person she is doing it to knows what kind of a person this is and knows exactly how to handle her.

    You have to completely COMPLETELY ABSOLUTELY IGNORE HER.

    Everything she has done on Topix today shows you that Desiree Hill is certifiably insane.

    What she is doing now is BEGGGGGING FOR ATTENTION by trying to be a nuisance.

    As an aside, I must say that Topix is criminal in their behavior. They must employ absolutely asocial people.

  101. Public Lynching, I only see the comment when I link it but I can't see it in the most recent post list.

    I think it's great that you want to expose her and what she's doing but listen, she's not worth the extra time or effort.

    We've already done it here.

    Ignore her, seriously.

  102. Sabine should sue her ass for doing what she is doing.

  103. @sarah i agree with u,and i hope she'll do that soon

  104. funny that page now does not exist anymore :D

  105. I am wondering how life is at Desiree's house right now. I

  106. I don't want to say too much but guess who finally responded by email TWICE after over 70 abuse reports?


    Guess who visited a certain personal blog and remained there for 58 minutes ?


    Let me tell you, they are BULLIES just like I said. . . . . but sometimes you have to give people enough rope to hang themselves.

  107. Also, did you guys know that Topix has an incest forum?

  108. Could you say more?

  109. ask me a question and I see if I can respond. I'm not playing games, there's legalities involved.

  110. What do you mean by legalities?

  111. This comment has been removed by the author.

  112. Do you think someone from the Michael Jackson forum on topix is working for topix?

  113. I think a few of the people who are post on there to "keep the conversation going" are employed by Topix, yes.

  114. Could you tell us what did they told you in the email. If you don't want to answer, I'll understand but I'm really curious.

    By the way, I feel really bad for Sabine because I poster the racist and pro pedophila comment.

  115. By the way, I feel really bad for Sabine because I poster the racist and pro pedophila comments on IMDB.

  116. No, don't feel bad, Sarah, The links are already on here and Desiree would do what she's doing to Michael to ANYONE, all she needs is a name and a person to focus her rage on.

    Ummm, I can only tell you what they said by email, sorry. I don't want to post it on here.

  117. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  118. "Also, did you guys know that Topix has an incest forum?" really? OMG I'M DISGUSTED

  119. You would be more disgusted if you read the things that are allowed to remain on there.

    I think clearly Topix is not a place like Facebook where it's about communication and networking. It's about throwing dirt at people and calling it "news".

    I bet you the Michael Jackson forum is where they get a lot of traffic and they do not want that traffic to stop, it's making them millions.

    The power that mj fans have is to stop going there. Stop posting on there. Stop responding to the haters who have been there for years and change their nics to seem like more people.

    Probably it is just a handful of people posting, and some of them work for Topix -- they are being paid to keep the argument alive.

  120. Wonderama11:20:00 AM

    So that stunt that desiree pulled on topix is what, over an opinion 'bout Michael Jackson?
    So what would this woman do if you really did something to her? Desiree is dangerous no doubt 'bout it. I'd really be looking over my shoulder 'cause you see this type of shit on those investigative crime shows all the time, a person fixates on someone for some perceived slight and then a few weeks later shows up at their house.

  121. GetaClue11:45:00 AM

    TGP @"If GetaClue is still around she or he could tell you more but from what I read on Topix, Jinda? I think that's her name, she said that those emails Desiree sent to Brett Barnes were disrespectful and a sign of a sense of entitlement"

    Yes, J-J-Jinda was the only one to look at the quotes and the sources and actually said, it's wrong to say that an 11 year old girl was ganged raped because black girls look and act like woman and she even challenged Indahouse on it. She also said that the Brett Barne emails were wrong.
    Looks like I missed the fireworks yesterday but I can't say I'm surprised. I have nothing to say I'm so disgusted but I have to thank you for allowing me to see how toxic topix.com is and also how insane Desiree is. I will not be giving them any more of my "business" and I will also be ignoring Desiree Hill, too.

  122. Anonymous7:36:00 PM

    On a blog it was suggested that this blog was really being written by Desiree to draw attention to herself, what do you think about that?

    After reading all the posts I can say with certainty that I don't believe that to be true.

  123. I actually know which comment you're talking about.
    Listen, not everyone will agree with the method behind this blog.

    Not everyone understands how search engines work.

    Poking fun at how Desiree always states a person's first and last name in a condescending way was just part of the game.

    "The Great Pretender" title was chosen to mock her; that's who we say she is.

    Last but not least, I said it before, you can't critique a person without bringing attention to them or mentioning them.

    The blogs which critique Diane Diamond, Victor Gutierrez, Maureen Orth, are they bringing attention to those people and making them more popular or are they calling attention to the behavior they want to criticize?

    It's obviously the latter.

    Besides, we could hardly manufacture comments by Ms. Hill herself, could we?

    I don't think the person who made that comment has read the blog (she probably just skimmed through it) or the comments Desiree and Jessica left here and have made in other places about this place.

    If she did, she would see very clearly that Desiree didn't create this blog but it's an interesting concept.

    Desiree is clever and crazy but I honestly don't think she's smart enough to pull that off.

  124. @ Anonymous 07:36 PM I could see if you were saying she had a high IQ of 135 how a person might think that but otherwise, come on, that's a silly statement.

  125. Anonymous12:01:00 AM

    Clearly, I didn't say that somebody else did. I think it's stupid too.

  126. what?someone believe this blog is runned by desirèe?

  127. Public Lynching10:49:00 AM

    Anyhoo. There's some fans who are so paranoid they think that everyone is a hater in disguise. Obviously, Desiree didn't write this blog and I don't get why they say it's giving her more positive attention. If that were true, Desiree wouldn't be doing what she's doing.

  128. Okay, anonymous, I know who said it now the same person who said people were going after Arnie Klein unfairly. Nuff said.

  129. At this point, since that was the intention from the beginning, we are just going to let the information on the blog speak for itself.

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