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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Desiree Hill round-up: sockpuppets, spin and smut

Ever wonder why Desiree's comment section instructs people to not use the anonymous feature?  

Well, it's pretty simple really.  Desiree wants to be the only one who conceals her identity on her blog.  After all, she's had lots of practice and she is so very good at it. 

If you've ever read a comment on Desiree's blog and thought to yourself that the opinions seem to echo and eerily mimic Desiree's own thought processes; if you ever felt the writing style was a little too close to her own; if you ever thought that she just might be pretending to be a "new" commentator, you were probably not too far from the truth.

Desiree loves to pretend to be other people and compliment and promote herself. She likes playing head games with people and pushing their buttons.  If you read a "new" person showing up on her blog, agreeing with her posts and championing her as a great intellectual mind and a skilled researcher without comparison and you really believe that this is a real, live person, you better think again.

Jessica said...
I'm Desiree's twin sister and I want you all to know that Desiree has many, many socks on this site, and if SBPDL would take the time to look up the IP addresses of some of her socks, he will see that they all reside in Las Vegas using Cox Communications. Please ban her; if you see a suspicious comment, check the IP address. It's very annoying to me to see her writing comments every time I see her on her computer. She is an addict, and she's addicted to arguing with racist whites all over the Internet! She only comes on here to see Hirsch, since they had a "love connection" once back in 2010. It's sad and pathetic! PLEASE BAN HER! And please publish this to embarrass her since she doesn't know I'm writing this. Thanks

Professor Snape: (White, Jewish Male) : The most disturbing aspect of Desiree's stint as "Professor Snape" was her penchant for talking to herself and agreeing with her points.  Even though people called her bluff she kept the charade going until she was eventually banned from the site.


Desiree said   "My IQ when I was 20 (I am 22) was almost 130...it seems that Professor Snape is the only white person on this site with a functioning brain."

Desiree Hill said as "Professor Snape":  "I Think Desiree makes a good point"; I am not Black, nor am I afro-multiracial.  I'm not a minority.  I'd say I was white but I don't know if you'll think Polish-Jew was white; You act like you don't enjoy it, but you all like to get angry and "Desiree" does a good job of stoking the flames.  I find her entertaining."

Porter said: "Snape, or should we call you by your prior name, Desiree?"

Desiree as Professor Snape:  "I am not "Desiree", nor is she me...I did state, however, that I found Desiree's comments innocuous and entertaining but I did not know that just agreeing with some of them - has transformative powers. Could it be possible that "ALL ABOUT PIGMENT" (another sock puppet of Desiree's) is Desiree, who knows, but what is the importance of it?  Why don't you simply debate regardless of your interlocutor's identity?"

A perfect example of Desiree's ability to carry on a conversation with herself. If you have the time, click the link and read the conversations.  She is probably a few of the anonymous posters as well.  This means you have a page of comments and most of them is Desiree talking to herself.

Simon Sez: (Jewish, Italian, Puerto Rican Male) : A very, very angry manifestation of Desiree's split personalities.  She was revealed as this character as well but she vehemently denied pretending to be Senor Sez.
Hirsch asks "Simon Sez":  "I've skipped over most of your posts but now I am genuinely curious: what the hell went wrong in your life to make you this way?"April 2, 2011 3:53 PM 

Desiree, as "Professor Snape", responding to herself, as "Simon Sez":  "Professor Snape said..."Simon Sez:  I read in another thread that your mother is a Jew. Please do not advocate for destruction of whites; I realize you are angry. As the Apostle Paul, a great Jew, even if he's not of our religion, said: "They know not what they do." These people are backward, but I doubt they'd commit murders like the one done to Emmitt Till. Spare them, so they may seek treatment for their mental illnesses. Fighting hate with hate is pointless."April 2, 2011 7:21 PM 

Desiree Hill as "Simon Sez":  "I don't hate that I have Italian blood in my veins. I don't see myself as white. My mother looks Middle-Eastern and my father is a light-skinned Puerto Rican; think Jennifer Lopez over Rosie Perez. I look like your standard Latino; no one has ever confused me for black.  I don't have "black roots", as far as I know ...I am not black, human prolapse. Learn to read, which I imagine is hard to do since it is not in feces." April 2, 2011 9:54 PM

Desiree Hill as "Simon Sez" responding to "Hirsch": "This feels like bait, a set up. You've conspicuously avoided my writings and now you're interested? They tell me never to trust a smiling white man: he's either got candy to lure you in his van, or he's going to stab you in the back.
"But since this comments section is apparently about the exchange of emotionally cataclysmic events, I will share. I went to a nearly all-white high school. I'm one-quarter Sephardic Jew, one-quarter Italian and half Puerto Rican. Given my heritage, I look Latino. No one told me whites hate Latinos. As a result of my inalienable DNA and my build--shorter and slim--white jocks proceeded to beat me up everyday. They pounded me, called me "beaner", "kike", and said my mother was a whore for fucking Mexicans. I am not Mexican.

"This happened for several semesters. My mother is a pacifist, and raised me on Martin Luther King and Gandhi nonviolent bunkum. But I'd had it. The fights weren't a big deal, actually; it was the racial slurs. I didn't understand why they had a problem with my being Latino; I couldn't change it. In hindsight, I realize there must be something congenitally wrong with whites, or their white privilege turns them into human waste.

"Long sob story short: I kicked ass eventually. I destroyed that white jock's face. I stomped on his chest, I stomped his head, I cannot remember but I think I may have bit him. Cube steak is accurate. I demolished him.

"There's nothing wrong with me. I am in reaction mode; I am seeking truth; I am trimming fat. No black, Asian, Latino, Indian, African, etc. has ever done to me what those whites did to me. I love minorities, the darker, the more foreign, the better... I think I've articulated above how I was formed and created by that 'inherently evil' American white man, the bastard son of European rapists.
April 3, 2011 8:58 AM

Desiree Hill as "Simon Sez" responding to herself, as "Professor Snape""Snape, I have no patience for these types, nor do I have the patience to wait until they seek treatment. This has gone on for centuries; enough is enough"April 3, 2011 8:52 AM

Desiree Hill as "Simon Sez": "Where are my other posts? My expectation of equality, given the history of whites, is low. But that is shady."April 3, 2011 8:55 AM

Desiree Hill as "Simon Sez": "Thank you for creating me, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. And how wondrous your fear will be on That Day.

"The truth hurts, it stinks, it turns your stomach and haunts your dreams. See my face and the face of millions in your nightmares.

"The kind of white-on-Latino, white-on-Asian victimization, taunts, and beatings that I experienced happens everyday in schools across the country. But, of course, I am not permitted to share my sob story; only if one is a victim of blacks or Latinos does the story become worth mentioning. It is
complete fiction that whites and "lighter-skinned" colored people roast marshmallows around campfires, singing kumbaya. Tolerance is not acceptance; tolerance is fleeting; it can and will end arbitrarily.

"For every Latino or every Asian that "likes" whites, or harbors no deeper antipathy, there are two who plot your destruction. Everything is superficial, every smile is but a cozenage.

"This comments section is a repeat of my high school years: the abuse, the anger from whites, the slurs. It's amazing that there is no change from situation to situation; it's monolithic groupthink from your types.

"There is no hope. There's only one option for minority survival, lest the Caucasoid phage infects more minds."
April 3, 2011 11:25 AM

Hirsch says:  "I'm having difficulty deciding whether you or Simon Sez (or both) are a pen name for Desiree. Like a street urchin pressing his face to the steamed glass of a fine eatery, you just can't stay away, even when you're not wanted. You've invented Japanese, Latino, and male pseudonyms just to spend more time obsessing in a venue you claim not to care about.
Thank you again for wasting my time, Snape/Desiree."
April 3, 2011 1:04 PM
Desiree Hill as "Professor Snape":  "For the last time - and this is for anyone who reads this post - I am not Desiree.  I am not.  We are not one and the same. Period, end of story!  And I am definitely not "Simon Sez"!

"What you - and the others, including the poor "Simon Sez" - are describing are emotional events, which were probably traumatic, I'll give you that much, that you have allowed to take over to the point a black face (or white face, in Simon's case) is implicitly linked to negativity.
"That is irrational and a mental illness; it is also sad. I could not imagine being mugged by a person of color and allowing that negative event to keep me from every person of that particular color. I could never do it; I would never do it. Call me naive, call me blind. I refuse to hate people for something as immutable as their skins and/or color. Anyone who thinks differently is out of their minds; it must hurt to be that crazy!"
April 3, 2011 5:48 PM

Hirsch said:  "Okay, it's official. Snape is actually a caricature of the modern liberal while "Simon Sez," is in fact Desiree, just for the record."April 3, 2011 8:29 PM

Desiree Hill as "Anonymous" quoting "Hirsch" said: "Okay, it's official. Snape is actually a caricature of the modern liberal while "Simon Sez," is in fact Desiree, just for the record."  Lol, how would you know? Sounds like a bunch of rednecks are running scared, trying to assume everyone on here with an anti-racist POV is the same person, or black. Here's a reality check for ya: there are millions of people of all colors, including white people, who think like Simon Sez and have a desire for a white-minority America. Do you think I'm Desiree, too? Lol, pathetic." April 4, 2011 7:01 AM

Hirsch said, quoting Desiree aka "Anonymous":  "Do you think I'm Desiree, too?" If it quacks like a slightly overweight, very insecure mulatto who devotes her own blog to a dead pedophile, chances are it is a slightly overweight, insecure mulatto who devotes her own blog to a dead pedophile. April 4, 2011 9:10 AM

Seito: (Desiree's Blackanese persona) : He was short lived, but he was Japanese and lived in Desiree's head.

Desiree as "Seito" said:*laughs*""This blog is proof that everyone likes to be a victim, even whites who are the first to say someone else plays the victim.

Sure, many blacks are lazy, but many whites are lazy, too. Many blacks commit crime and end up in jail. So do whites. I'm Asian, by the way, Japanese-Amer., and Asian people are the only ones who across the board work hard.

This blog is just as ridiculous as someone with arachnophobia blogging about spiders. I think you and everyone else should get a life. If you hate black people, just go about your day and not think of them. Most of them are decent enough that you don't have to really worry about them getting in the way of your life, that is, if you have one. I have never had a bad experience with black people or white people, and I've worked as a teenager in areas where you'd think I'd be treated badly by both groups.

This blog is just obsessional. I think everyone who reads it has problems. No one is taking whites rights away. Definitely not blacks, since everyone seems to not like them. Obama is just a dark white guy. You seem smart enough to realize this, blogger."
February 4, 2011 11:23 AM

Desiree as herself, quoting herself and responding to herself as "Seito" said: @ Seito: This blog is proof that everyone likes to be a victim, even whites who are the first to say someone else plays the victim.

Second that! The sad part is that these yahoos don't get that complaining they are being held down by 'Darkie' is akin to a pot calling the kettle black. They shouldn't complain about blacks complaining about the Man (which is substantive, by the way; not always, but more so than whites complaints) when they will do the same thing in reverse.

No one can ever be a victim except white people. If you've ever been friends with white females, you'd know exactly what I'm saying..."
February 4, 2011 12:40 PM

Anonymous saidSeito said...*laughs* "Oh dear God, it is the black woman posing as an Asian. Give me a break."*giggles*February 4, 2011 1:31 PM

Desiree Hill as "Seito":  *really laughing* ..."At the end of the day, blacks have no bearing on my life and they shouldn't have a bearing on yours. White failure occurs left and right and you are all just continuing this cycle by being on this black obsessional blog.

This blogger probably has no life-threatening contact with blacks and neither do any of you. Obama is no where near Malcolm X or even Al Sharpton.

White failure is proven by this blog. 
人生を取得してください 。"February 4, 2011 4:01 PM

Anonymous said..."Seito-kun, please. Yours was absolutely, positively, utterly and completely, the most pathetic attempt to insult us here in Japanese that I have ever witnessed anywhere.  It's just stupid and pointless to try to insult people in a language no one but you -- or in this case, no one but you and I -- understand. If you really want to insult us all here by saying (or pathetically attempting to say) "Get a life" in Japanese, do stop looking up words in your Japanese dictionary and translating them literally into "Acquire a human life, please."  What you want to say is "ii kagen ni shiro."  Let me know if you need help with the pronunciation. You goof." --Mencken--February 4, 2011 5:21 PM

Desiree Hill as herself confesses that she is Seito and said:  "Come on, people...Leave 'You Get What You Get' alone. I was Seito. Jesus Christ. Mencken caught me on the piss-poor Japanese translation of 'get a life'. LMBAO! God, you people are hilarious".... X-D February 7, 2011 6:39 PM

Desiree Hill responding to and quoting a previous poster:  "Either way, it was a silly negro transparently pretending to be Japanese, just as everyone knew."  Yes, but the funny part of it is that an Asian mutiny of sorts turns you people's world's upside down. The 'Seito' personality is actually modeled off a classmate I'd had in a Post-Civil war history course I took about two semesters ago, Jason Sato (Sato and Seito sounded similar)...Seito/Desiree, it doesn't really matter. My point was made...LMBAO! And you guys didn't know it was me, rotfl! And that's the only thing that matters. As this is the most important thing for a writer. By the way, I've been one of you people, try to guess which one it is! (HINT: he's really smart!) X-D  On to the next sock.... This is more fun than 'Clue'!X-D February 7, 2011 7:40 PM

Desiree Hill said...@ SBPDL: I have a question and I hope you'll answer: How did you know? How did it finally occur to you? I mean, I was Snape for months, even arguing with myself... Don't be embarrassed, though, although you should be; I am just proof of black intelligence, and it isn't like spotting a leprechaun to find blacks like me. But, shit, how did you FINALLY figure it out? Did Hirsch email you? God, what a tattletale... that was all me, baby, MAOA gene explanation and everything--I've said numerous times I'm a biology major and a college student; God, don't you know we read and we learn?
Hey, don't be so shocked, but this is among the numerous capabilities of someone who (a) is a writer and (b)has a 135 IQ (yes, took a new test--thank you, mother--and received the results Friday). What, do you think there is any white in existence for REAL who is as AWESOME as Snape? Sure, maybe Tim Wise but come on... ;-) By the way, if you don't post this I will seriously post it over and over a million times and that will not be fun clearing that out of your comment inbox...May 2, 2011 8:30 AM

It's all a game to Desiree Hill and she doesn't like being found out, unless it's on her terms.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said:  "Desiree, Please seek help. It was obvious from the beginning it was you but what you said was so embarrassing, I let you through (as I did before your "Desiree" character became a liability). Please seek help."May 2, 2011 8:51 AM
Desiree Hill said:  "You had no idea Snape was me...why allow Snape to continually advocate for Desiree if you knew I was essentially advocating for myself?. . I would have appreciated it when I was sodomizing my former lover Hirsch; it would have made him feel so much better that he was not actually being had 'prison-style' by a man. Perhaps it would have hurt more had he known it was me and that while my 'number' is lower, my thinking capacity is much, much higher! Wow! . . . PS. Go ahead and post this, too. I mean, Blogger doesn't have a blocking function, nor can you keep comments spammed. So, unless you want to clear out 500 of this same post, just publish it now. Yeah, that's a threat, white boy. May 2, 2011 2:36 PM  

 "mjmymasturbation" Desiree's newest creation.  On December 4th, 2011 Desiree created this personality on Topix for the sole purpose of harassing and cyber stalking.  

She went to work quickly,  putting up personal pictures, ridiculing her target's country, home, children and size all with her own special flavor, that undeniable stamp that distinguishes Desiree's posts as unmistakeably her own:  An arrogant, crude and filthy tone expressing a total lack of class and common sense.

Desiree Hill as mjmymasturbation:  "M***, my bloated buttercup, even if I were Desiree (incidentally, I'm not, but it's a flattering comparison), why would I be embarrassed by any of the quotes that you have posted by "me"?..."And clearly when someone bans you to end communication, they will follow you all around the internet as hundreds of different sock-puppets to chat with you. Poor delusional dear. I know you're big and round, but the world doesn't actually revolve around you. With such a self-involved mother, it's no wonder your little girls are so sad and neglected.:-("

Desiree ALWAYS tells on herself. The language and syntax is the same. The woman she speaks of isn't big and round at all.  Desiree ALWAYS uses size as an insult.   The children are not neglected-and even if they were, how the hell would Desiree know?  Desiree always uses children to attack an adult and her favorite insult is insinuating that someone is a "bad mother".  No one is creating sock puppets to follow any one all around the internet but Desiree. SHE is the one on Topix mentioning the people she is obsessively focused on in a derogatory and defaming manner.  Since this article, the "mjmymasturbation" account has been deleted along with countless comments.  Desiree continued to use the name as she had a fondness for the subject matter, then she switched over to  "Flabine" for obvious reasons.  She continues to use proxy servers to cyber stalk, insult and harass, as is her specialty.  Of course, she's also enlisted the help of underlings who are not smart enough to realize that Desiree Hill uses them to carry out her dirty work and obscure her behavior and intentions. They always show up either right before or right after she posts.  It's easy to tell who they are, they use all caps and repeat grade school insults like "welfare mother", "crack ho" and "diseased" as put downs.  Desiree is even more easily identified, she harps on the same issues, Michael, of course, where people live, their kids, their age, and race.

Desiree Hill posted on the Stuff Black People Don't Like website as "Professor Snape", "Seito", "IT'S ALL ABOUT PIGMENT", "Twp",  "Jones," "Dree,"  "Dreko" and countless of other nics.  She also posted as "Anonymous" numerous times.   Desiree has a number of online monikers that she uses, which we speak about here.  Desiree is not above harassing and stalking anyone she deems is a threat, it is why she accuses others of doing that to her and it doesn't take much for Desiree to feel threatened.
EDT:  12/30/11Recently, Desiree was cornered like a skewered rat and called out for posing on Topix.  Her alternative identity, Flabine quickly jumped to her defense, (Desiree basically advocating for herself. ) even pretending to have received an email from "herself" which explained her racist rants.

The syntax, verbiage, subject matter and sentence structure of haters are amazingly similar.  There is constant mention of special friends, situational vs. acquaintance molesters, art books turned pedophilia material in their minds' eye,  boy lovers being not so bad and on and on. It is like they are reading from a script.  They constantly change names and hide locations on Topix to make their numbers seem larger and then turn around and accuse others of doing the same thing.  Topix is a cesspool of hateful liars and we recommend also avoiding it like a plague.  At the very least, we would say, enter with care.   Did Desiree assume an old name and identity that already existed?  Is Desiree posting on Topix under numerous pseudonyms?  That  is anyone's guess.  She is certainly capable.

We will end this piece the way it began:  If you read a "new" person showing up on the Desiree Speaks blog, agreeing with Desiree's posts and championing her as a great intellectual mind and a skilled researcher without comparison and you really believe nine times out of ten that this is a real, live person, you better think again.


  1. She is in serious need of psychiatric help. I wonder why the people at mjfacts are with her after what happened last year.

  2. What happened last year?

  3. Anonymous7:15:00 AM

    The people at MJfacts are here ideal kind of people. Having to be desperate enough to impersonate Charles Thomson in the really pathetic hopes it would discredit his journalism pieces on MJ. When VMJ exposed them they started spamming links to child porn forums on their site and there were even posts there from people saying they openly supported pedophilia from those forums and they hated how VMJ made it into a negative thing.

    Is it really a coincidence they're such fans of Desiree and she is such a fan of them? They've all got the same pedophile agenda.

  4. Anonymous7:39:00 AM

    "My IQ when I was 20 (I am 22) was almost 130...it seems that Professor Snape is the only white person on this site with a functioning brain."

    "(b)has a 135 IQ (yes, took a new test--thank you, mother--and received the results Friday)."

    LMAO I think it's so funny how important she thinks her IQ is. Nobody cares. Nobody. Really. 135 isn't even that high!

    Her fantasy life as all these other people is so thorough. Who does this? Who sits around trying to create white personas on racist sites just so they can have people to speak to and then mostly just talks to themselves anyway?

    She accuses Mez and MJ as liars, when she is a fantasist this knee deep in her own pretend universe? She had sockpuppets on VMJ too.

    "Don't be embarrassed, though, although you should be"

    Just like Desiree... telling people not to be embarrassed about a situation that is only embarrassing to herself.

    She sure talks about sodomy a lot.

  5. I was talking about that



  7. WAIT ..IS SHE SAYING SHE HAS ITALIAN BLOOD? i'm sad..bc i'm italian :(

  8. Public Lynching2:03:00 PM

    It would be one thing if you said oh, Desiree did this in the past, maybe she's learned better but for her to still be acting this way and to have done this so recently. At this point I'm just embarrassed for Desiree, what a f'loon. It's just downright embarrassing for her to be so in need of so much attention; is she really so lonely and so hungry for approval that she'd pretend to be other people? One thing this shows you, if she can go into such details to lie about these fake people she made up then you know she has no problem doing it about Michael. For her to be going on and on about Tmez being a liar when she is such a liar, man, she is really making a fool out of herself.

    As for her going on and on about Jimmy's marriage. Once again, Desiree thinks that all fans think alike. Her goal is to prove that Jimmy didn't get married at Neverland so that fans cannot use this as an excuse that he wasn't molested, right? Well, I for one don't use that excuse. I believe Jimmy wasn't molested because Jimmy said he wasn't molested. I don't need him to be married at Neverland or otherwise and if Tmez said he was and he wasn't really who cares?

    No one care, really. Desiree, you can add your internet search on Jimmy to the trash with your I.Q. scores 'cause you're really that stupid.

  9. "I don't need him to be married at Neverland or otherwise and if Tmez said he was and he wasn't really who cares?"

    The problem is if he lied on that, then on what else did he lie?

  10. Anonymous3:26:00 AM

    @Sarah, it's comments like that that make me wonder whose side you're on. EVERYONE LIES!
    Are you prepared to say you always tell the truth because if you are then I know you are lying! Just because someone told one lie doesn't mean they lie about everything! If we believe that than we are as crazy like Desiree that is that black and white thinking, oh you told on lie so you're a big liar. The truth is Desiree is grasping as straws because she has no idea if the marriage took place or didn't. She just can't find proof of it and that doesn't mean it didn't take place; it really just means she's not as smart as she thinks she is.

  11. @ Sarah, The letter that Desiree sent to VMJ about Charles Thomson allegedly running the MJfacts info site, in it she says "I found this out from my team emailing him".

    What team? I never believed Desiree's letter. She is such a confirmed liar that I suspect anything that comes out of her mouth. She actually tried to get this blog to focus on mjfacts, to take the heat off herself early on, by stating that there were other sites that believed MJ was guilty and asking why didn't we go after them, and then she put up a link to their site. This was before she decided she wanted to be their friend.

    Desiree said: "When a member of my team asked if he was *that* Charles Thomson, he avoided the question.

    I just thought you should know because I think it’s really shady to pretend and deceive Michael’s fans and his skeptics. I think he just wants popularity. I had heard he used to believe Michael was guilty."

    Again, what team? It's just her. Desiree isn't this altruistic, kind person who wants to help VMJ and cares that someone is shady and pretending.

    SHE is shady and SHE is pretending. SHE wants popularity. I don't know why VMJ always takes Desiree on her word (like when she told them to remove "her" picture from Victor G's book -- under the Creative Common's license, which is the only copyright Desiree has on her blog, you can repost the content you just have to link to her blog, but they believed her and removed the picture).

    Why did they believe that she really thought Charles Thomson was running the site?

    I don't think she believed that. I think she made it up. I think SHE put his email address in that email. I think Desiree was lying and trying to stir up trouble as she always does.

    @Anonymous and the whole Jimmy marriage. I don't buy into the whole Jimmy was married at Neverland so that means he wasn't molested connection. It is too much of a stretch. I also don't buy into the Tmez lied about the marriage so now he is a notorious liar and that means Jimmy was molested either, that's beyond a stretch.

    I agree that the truth is everyone lies.

    The thing about VMJ and other fans is that they will call Victor G. for instance a big liar and then quote from his book.

    People lie, that's true, but in order to rely on what a person says you have to be able to trust that at least 99% of the time they are telling the truth.

    Liars sometimes tell the truth but no one has any idea when that is so you can't trust what they say.

    Tmez has established himself as a reputable person with integrity, despite his being human and obviously not always telling the truth, so he has earned the trust of the common people.

    Someone like Desiree or Victor G. has proven themselves to be liars time and time again, so it is smart not to trust one word they say and look at everything with suspicion.

    I don't think it's fair to treat Tmez the same as you'd treat a Desiree or a Victor G.

    @ Sarah, Desiree is a pathological liar and Victor G. is a sick pedophile.

    Tmez is not any of these things, so his word shouldn't be looked at with the same censure and distrust, so I don't think it's right to question his statement and say "The problem is if he lied on that, then on what else did he lie?"

    That's how you treat a person who has been established as a liar. Desiree hasn't established that even though her over inflated ego thinks she has.

  12. I don't believe he was guilty, but I don't think it's ok to lie in court if it was a lie. In all honesty, I think there were exagerations from both sides during the trial.

    As for the letter, I believe she is stupid enough to believe the owner was Thomson. My point was their blog was suspended because of her.

  13. Of course to lie is wrong. I don't think any one of us will disagree with that, but in the courtroom exaggerations and ommissions are the norm. Although, this is the thing that Desiree does that is totally wrong. None of us live under a microscope. If we did, none of us would survive under the scrutiny, and this blog proves that in regards to Desiree Hill that not only does she hate being scrutinized but she cannot survive under it.

    Truthfully no one can because no one is perfect.

    Her nitpicking of Tmez's behavior and Michael's behavior and anyone else she can think of is hypocritical in the extreme.

    If you look at anyone's life you will find something that they did wrong. Desiree is no one to talk because she is pretty much way over on the wrong side of the moral compass and does so much wrong that she has no stand to accuse anyone of anything. Plus her accusations are mostly lies.

    I don't know if she believed the letter, manufactured it or just used it to create drama. I think that Mjfacts and her are aligned in their obsession and that's why they could care less that she got them suspended


    Desiree is lying and they are not aligned with her at all. She is Alby, and she just put up links to make it look like she has an ally.

    Desiree is fully capable of doing something that crazy.

  14. Anonymous6:38:00 AM

    "If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him." -Cardinal Richelieu

    I don't believe Mez is lying. I think if Jimmy ever speaks up or if more info ever comes out, we might understand what happened there.

    For me it's not a consideration, because I know Jimmy was not molested and I know Jimmy will support MJ if he ever speaks publicly.

  15. Public Lynching6:53:00 AM

    @Anonymous, that's what I was trying to say. I don't believe Jimmy was molested at all. I don't think this marriage thing means anything but Desiree is trying to make it mean something because she has nothing else.

    I take it for granted that lawyers exaggerate and omit facts in court to win their cases. I think it's part of the job description but I don't think Tmez is a liar at all, as far as lying goes.

    I think like anonymous said there's a good explanation for why he said what he did.

  16. i do not see the problem regarding the marriage.. i mean... why should tmez have lied about that?it was neither a focal and important point ...so...

  17. Clearly7:42:00 AM

    The whole Tmez statement/Jimmy marriage is a non-issue. It's like discussing whether Tmez said it was going to rain one day and then it turned out to be sunny. It's ridiculous.

    TGP, you're right that Desiree always gives herself away. She wrote this on Topix as mjmymasturbation about a harassing comment that she posted but was deleted.
    Desiree said: "Interesting how fairly tame comments like this are deleted, but links to some psychotic cyberstalker's blog stay up permanently."
    Now she wrote this about her "expose" post about the same person she is actually cyber stalking and harassing. "I thought it was actually pretty tame."
    Like tangential, she likes that term. "This first clip released by Barak is fairly tame" she wrote that in her Aaron Carter piece.
    What a predictable loser. If I was her I would be hiding under a rock at being found out and proved to be such a liar! This is what you call a literary k.o.! She should be completely ashamed of herself; if she wasn't a narcissist she would be.
    Jimmy Safeschuck should do something legally so she can stop cyber stalking him and researching about his personal affairs which is none of her biz wax.

  18. Anonymous10:24:00 AM

    Desiree is getting attacked by other haters on Topix. She should have chose another user name : )

  19. Topix is toxic. I wish more people realize that if they do not respond to the people on there, they would have nothing to feed off of. They are like a bunch of wild, unkept animals over there.

  20. You know what's strange, sad and funny all at the same time? How they kept calling Desiree out, and saying they knew she was pretending to be other people but she just kept denying it. Then at the end she gets indignant and say, You didn't know it was me!

    Just like a little kid! I can see how they knew though because she "sounds" the same, if that makes sense. Even on her blog she talks the same. It's condescending, like she knows everything.

  21. Anonymous7:12:00 PM

    My personal thoughts on Desiree are that she gets paid to write this crap. They pay per word so the more she writes the more she gets paid. Money is a pretty strong motivator and we all know that she can't possibly be a student. She has way too much time on her hands to write this crap all over hell and back again. As for her 130 IQ when she was 20 big deal. Mine was 151 when I was 14. My guidance counselor told me and I thought then what I think now big deal who cares.

  22. Clearly8:14:00 PM

    Sorry but no. Who is paying Desiree to write comments on Topix that always get deleted. She is really that dumb. I don't even buy the 130 IQ. She has wasted two years of her life writing crap about Michael and at the same time she was wasting more of her time arguing with a bunch of KKK racists who hated her guts and put her down on practically a daily basis. Now she's wasting her time stalking under a fake name when everyone knows who she is. She writes the same shit, like a tape recorder. Boooohoooo these old women are harassing me. You'd think this chic was two years old the way she plays the age card. She constantly harps on a persons age, their children, where they live, saying their fat, not an orginal thought in that big empty head. She's still using the insults she used in grade school just bigger words. She thinks just because she owns a thesaurus and she can string a few words together that she's smart. Intelligence is being able to apply knowledge. She doesn't learn from her mistakes. She can't adapt to a situation. lol! How the fuck do you show up at a place where you claim that someone is posting and then say oh, they're harassing me? Who the fuck followed who, dipshit?
    "Oh, I see people are posting about me". No one invited you, jackass; that would be cyberstalking, you obsessed fanatic. Today she wrote on Topix something about the pictures hanging on a person's wall. Gee, Dez, how the hell did you know what was hanging on their wall? No one has invited you into their house. It's because you are spending hours researching them and slobbering over their pictures. I bet that's why the pics were put up, to make you eat your rotten heart out. All that pretending that she's being harassed really let's everyone know how stupid and crazy she is because she's doing at the same time that she says she doesn't care. That is the perfect example of a stupid person, doing one thing and saying another.
    It would almost make sense if she was getting paid but this idiot is doing it for kicks just like she posted on that racist blog where everyone made fun of her and told her to fuck off but she just kept coming back because she's like that wild, mangy dog that's been kicked and slapped and mistreated but he still keeps whimpering and coming back because he has no where to go and no one wants him. Dogs like that are mean as a snake but so hungry for attention, that's Desiree. If she's online this much causing havoc, you better believe no one in real life is paying her any attention.

  23. @Clearly, in all of Desiree's crying about being harassed, notice her only defense to everything that this blog discloses is that she said these things in the past (because you know 2011 is the past) and she only said them to antagonize her audience (even though she was talking to like minded people at times) and also that she has white friends. Otherwise, the other stuff is indefensible, so what else can she say or do?

    If it is harassment to criticize her blog, what she says and how she says it and to disclose her past behavior which proves she is a liar, a hypocrite, a racist, a homophobe and a pedophile sympathizer, then she is harassing the shit out of:
    Michael Jackson,
    all of his children,
    Brett Barnes,
    Jimmy Safechuck,
    Tmez and countless other people.

    So pot meet kettle. She needs to get over herself. She is no one special and does not deserve special treatment.

  24. Look on the bright side, looks like Desiree aka mjmymasturbation spent all day on Topix. No time for her hateful blogging. Good work, guys!

  25. hahaa_;))

    krackerjacks said:

    gravityMANipulation wrote:

    she just sound like agreeing:) is not the end of the world
    isn-t Desiree?

    I agree to let is slide. I've made my ammends but from where I stand, non-fans shouldn't have usernames like that. It makes it too easy to get the non-fans confused with the fans. Especially when a non-fan sounds like they're agreeing with fans.

    Let's move on.

    krackerjacks wrote:

    He/she8DESIREE) came here and basically agreed with that MJ fan and said, "most people know Bartucci's nuts." If my anger was misdirected, I apologize but people that sound like they're agreeing with MJ fans should expect to get blasted!

    mjmymasturbation wrote:

    I can't tell ya, grampy. I don't actually rub it out to kiddie diddlers like MJ. My username is a reference to the Romanian's blog.


    Then where do you get the balls to come here and call Bartucci "nuts?" I'll take his nuts over MJ's nuts any day of the week!! At least he isn't permanently scarring people and trying to avoid paying them the money he owes!!

  26. Anonymous11:55:00 PM

    I saw where they were attacking Desiree and it was funny why do you continue to post there? All they do is attack you and accuse you of being someone else (we all know who). Looney tunes floons R fools is so ignorant and hateful she sounds like she's on some kind of medication. I'm sorry but to me, it's like you're feeding the fire. I think if you stopped maybe they wouldn't attack other people the way they do.

  27. @anonymous, I had to delete your last comment. I will put it up again, w/o the name.

  28. Anonymous12:09:00 AM

    You write something and then they write

    floons R fools wrote:
    (name edited) a danger to society from (location edited)

    that's not funny or right.

  29. That person doesn't post on Topix but when Desiree obsessively fixates on someone, like she has Michael, she doesn't let go and that's typical of a narcissist.

  30. Anonymous12:12:00 AM

    I'm sorry TGP, I just think its messed up that this one person is being targeted when it's obviously mjmyinspiration that's posting.

  31. Floons the fool is psychotic and obviously crazy. Desiree is looking for any excuse to cry about this blog and who she thinks made it. She'd write that stuff no matter what but I do think they should all be completely ignored. Believe me, they are on this end.

  32. Anonymous9:46:00 AM

    "mjmymasturbation" (Desiree):Oh, so now you're trying to blame Desiree for you being a racist? Good luck with that one.

    "gravityMANipulation" (mjmyinspiration):
    no, i did not said that
    All I wanted to emphasize is that she is one who is masturbating to Michael Jackson, even if she claims that she hates him
    THIS is all I wanted to say
    Her new pseudonim can confirm that

    I'm still waiting to hear back from Mjmyinspiration, because you KNOW she's a racist and she's just calling you that because that's what she does so why didn't you call her out on being a racist. Why did you say, "no, I'm not saying that?" Are you trying to be her friend? I don't understand why you're entertaining her.

    "mjmymasturbation" (Desiree):
    Nice try backtracking. You know, I really never minded you; I just like kidding around with people. But now that I know you're racist, I feel differently about you."

    Now she's trying to rewrite history and act like she can be your friend. This is how people manipulate others and it just is annoying to watch it happening. Why give this troll attention?

  33. Anonymous9:58:00 AM

    If they are leaving comments like this "LMAO Check out the lifeless troll still here over 15 hrs later. Do you shat on yourself too tubby? BLAME IT ON KARMA YOU ARE A LIFELESS LOSER, FAKE ROMANIAN. DIANE IS SMARTER THAN YOU PSYCHOPATH. GUESS WHAT? SHE HAS A JOB UNLIKE YOU WELFARE COLLECTING SPAMMER FROM THE US."

    Why post and have conversations with them unless you like being abused? This is no different than what those racists were doing to Desiree and she stayed and took the abuse.

  34. Anonymous, I understand your frustration. Here is my personal opinion.

    A lot of fans get caught up arguing with people like Desiree. They think they can change her mind or make a fool out of her.

    I don't think they understand that a person like Desiree just wants to abuse them. They don't get that the best way to "win" an argument with a person like Desiree is to not talk to her at all.

    She will take anything that you say and twist it so that you are guilty. For instance, she accuses Milky of being a racist when she is the racist. She is the one that called Michael "chocolate man" but she accuses Milky of being racist for quoting her. When confronted with her words she will simply lie.

    So you see you cannot talk to a person like this but many people try. Some people do it for years! They don't realize how much time they are wasting and I don't think they realize that when they do, they often become abusive themselves (makes sense, most people attack back when they are being attacked).

    People like Desiree count on that. After you defend yourself because they've been attacking yhou, then someone like Desire will say, see, look how abusive you are.

    Next to attacking and abusing, a person like Desiree loves to play victim.

    I suppose many fans want to get the truth out about Michael and I understand that. They also want to stick up for themselves but engaging a narcissist as ugly, as mean, as ignorant and deranged as Desiree is not the way.

    The best and only way is to completely ignore her and speak your truth on a totally separate platform, where she cannot twist and manipulate what you say.

    Of course, she will always lie and try to paint the picture she wants but when you let her do that by herself, it just reveals her as the sick person that she is.

  35. "I really never minded you; I just like kidding around with people."

    Also, I want to add a person like Desiree loves to play divide and conquer. If she can convince Milky that she never minded "her" that much and that she really was just playing around with her, the goal is to make that person feel special and chosen, so that they will separate from the others.

    Remember a narcissist just wants attention and lots of it. She wants fans back on her blog arguing with her so that she can abuse them; that's all that Desiree wants.

  36. Anonymous10:42:00 AM

    I suppose you're right. Actually, I know you're right. ""mjmymasturbation" (Desiree)
    "So you like black people when they sing and dance for you. How generous!!
    At least it's clear why you have that obsessive hatred towards Desiree--she's black and you're racist. It's very sad."

    Its frustrating to see her doing the same thing she always does and watch others falling for it.

    mjmyinspiration wrote "I try to make conversation with someone here, besides the subject Michael Jackson
    but I see that you are not able,"

    I personally would not try to talk to people who are insulting me.

  37. Topix is not a place where you can have meaningful conversation, lol!

    I hope this blog helps to inform people, at least as it concerns Desiree and others like her. Some people have to go through it before they get it, others can just see the signs and get the hell out of dodge. There are unfortunately a lot of Desiree's on the web. They like the internet because they can get instant attention with minimal effort, especially using a super star like Michael Jackson as bait.

  38. Clearly4:22:00 PM

    TGP: "She wants fans back on her blog arguing with her so that she can abuse them; that's all that Desiree wants. "

    mjmymasturbation aka Desiree: "If you want to speak to Desiree, just go to her blog. "

    Man, when you're right, you're right. lol!

  39. guys i just wanna wish to all of u a wonderfull christmas and may this holiday bring joy and happiness to all of u and ur family...and of course i hope it will bring a little of heart amd brain to desirèe- :D

  40. Merry Christmas to everyone

    "and of course i hope it will bring a little of heart amd brain to desirèe- :D"

    You are dreaming.

  41. yes i know sarah...it is a mission impossible :D

  42. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone. My wish is that Desiree finds a new obsession or someone elses' memory attack and family to stalk.

    : )

  43. It will never happen. She masturbates on him for 2 years. How do you want her to stop.

  44. On Topix, she just changed her name and chose Flabine.

  45. Anonymous7:50:00 PM

    Fl for the fanatic, lunatic that she is and "abine" for the object of her obsession

  46. Merry christmas all. here's a little something amusing from Desiree to ponder while we enjoy our day. Desiree: "Alby:

    I have to say, these Vindicate MJ f'loons rip on MJ Facts like no one's business. They never bring up my site. Hmm... Blaine Edwards will delete, with incredible speed, any link to my site. And, I will say, they've blocked my IP address or something so that all comments I make will go to the spam.

    It's pretty funny. I don't deal with Jacko fans anymore. I pay them no mind. "

    She's trying to post comments so much that she knows that they all go to spam but she's not dealing with fans and pay them no mind even though she won't stop talking about us.


    That was a great Christmas laugh! I don't think "Alby" is from MJ facts at all. I think the whole b.s. alliance is made up. I think she wants to make it seem like she has an ally. I also think Melissa is a bogus new person.

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. @cleary :did she write that today? if so she is the most incredible real floon EVER, because we all knew her ip address since months ago, so the fact that she use the present for the most in her comment, demonstrate how is not true that she doesn't give a shit about us anymore hahahah

  49. *we all knew her ip address was blocked SINCE months ago

  50. @TGP

    Lol at that comment. They are both totally crazy. They are probably trying to cover their ass so that no one will find their racist comment anymore.

  51. okay, I don't know what happened to that comment but the quote is in the post. What the HELL was that about do you think, Sarah?

    Talk about nuts!!!?!

  52. I was speaking about that comment

    Jessica said...
    I'm Desiree's twin sister and I want you all to know that Desiree has many, many socks on this site, and if SBPDL would take the time to look up the IP addresses of some of her socks, he will see that they all reside in Las Vegas using Cox Communications. Please ban her; if you see a suspicious comment, check the IP address. It's very annoying to me to see her writing comments every time I see her on her computer. She is an addict, and she's addicted to arguing with racist whites all over the Internet! She only comes on here to see Hirsch, since they had a "love connection" once back in 2010. It's sad and pathetic! PLEASE BAN HER! And please publish this to embarrass her since she doesn't know I'm writing this. Thanks

  53. "okay, I don't know what happened to that comment but the quote is in the post"

    For one minute I thought I was crazy

  54. No, you're not crazy lol! I wonder, did they have a fight or did Desiree write that post herself, I wonder? The funniest part is that every one on the thread completely ignored the post ! : )

  55. I thought it was a very recent comment. I believe she wrote it herself, but I don't know maybe they had a fight.

  56. It looks like that was April, only a few months ago but still hilariously crazy.

  57. Do you think Hirsch is Desiree and she has a "love connection" with herself?

  58. i think that her new nick "mjmymasturbation" says everything

  59. I think Hirsch really was another person but I think, from the things that Desiree wrote to him, she really was romantically interested in him. she said in her posts she likes submissive people that she can dominate. She was trying to dominate him; he was a challenge.

    Desiree has used a few nics on Topix, mjmymasturbation is just one of them.

  60. Clearly6:52:00 AM

    @Marcy, she wrote that comment on December 24th.

    TGP, you should update the article to add that now Desiree is using the nic "Flabine".

  61. Clearly6:54:00 AM

    That comment by Jessica is CRAZY!!!!!! I don't know why it didn't occur to me that they'd do each other dirty like that but it makes sense seeing how they talk about others! I think Jessica wrote it! I think Desiree pissed her off and she wanted to get her back. she damn sure was an addict and damn sure addicted to posting on that blog. LMAO! What a fucked up family!

  62. Anonymous7:52:00 AM

    Was an addict? You mean IS!

  63. Anonymous7:54:00 AM

    Based on this line, I think Desiree wrote that comment herself. I think she was trying to make fun of Hirsch and the way her brain works, she felt this would be believable. What she ended up doing is telling on herself. She told us that she's romantically interested in someone who abused her. She told us that she is an addict with addictive behaviors and she told us that Jessica has told her before that she needs to stop.

  64. Anonymous8:11:00 AM

    I'm talking about this line: "She only comes on here to see Hirsch, since they had a "love connection" once back in 2010."

  65. @clearly:thanks for your answer. so it demonstrates once again that she is a liar.
    @tgp: the fact that she has other nicknames even on topix...it's crazy hahaha only desirèe could do that,and probably (in my opinion) her many nick names correspond in truth to a person that have many personalities. what do u think about that? i mean: it happened to me to, to have more nick names (3/4 and each of them for one of my passions in general) but not so manyyyyyyyyy

  66. @Marcy, People choose different names when they post in different places, so that's not crazy. What is crazy is to pretend that you are really different people. Desiree is always acusing others of doing that because she does that. People cannot really lie about who they are, even narcissists as crazy as Desiree. She always leaves evidence of the true person, different aspects. What Desiree always shows us is that she is hateful, envious, jealous, mean, hostile, and in love with Michael : )

  67. I think the walls of her bedroom are full of MJ's poster.

  68. No one is as in love with Michael as Desiree. If Desiree had the good fortune to meet Michael she would probably have melt into a puddle on the floor. She thinks about Michael all the time, every day, all day and every hour and i really think she hates MJ fans because she views them as competition. : ) She wants to be the only one to love him, in her sick, demented way because she has not idea what love is. Love to her is abusing someone.

  69. Does anyone know where the people from the mjfacts site are from? What country?

  70. Clearly1:08:00 PM

    OMG! On her blog, Dez just admitted she's Frenchie!

    Frenchie: "When I checked out topix, I noticed that Miky was weirdly fixated on Desiree so, for laughs, I trolled her... (especially my troll--mjmymasturbation),"

    Any two year old can tell that mjmymasturbation is Desiree. So if "Frenchie" says she trolled Topix as mjmymasturbation, she might as well just come out and say she's Desiree! A whole bunch of comments were deleted on Topix earlier today. Dez completely lost it 'cause someone was making fun of her and reposting her comments in her name! She started posting back to back comments accusing the person of being of course who else, the object of her obsession. LOl, not Michael the other one, Sabine. Dez aka Frenchie is so predictable! lmbo!

  71. Whatever comments got deleted must have really been embarrassing to her. Looks like she's trying to do damage control. In that comment, Frenchie (Desiree?) said a post was devoted to her...Freudian slip? Poor Desiree. It's the day after Christmas, most kids are playing with their gifts today. Didn't she get any?

  72. "Does anyone know where the people from the mjfacts site are from? What country?"

    From England, I believe.

  73. Some one from Sidney, Australia searched for this blog and the name "Alby" and spent two hours reading. They came from mjinfo. I hope they enjoyed themselves or at the very least learned something. : )

  74. @tgp "What is crazy is to pretend that you are really different people." i quoted because i was trying to say that(i'mo sorry english is not my irst language :) ) so we agree :D

  75. Clearly8:27:00 PM

    lol, Desiree is back on her blog crying because they deleted her comments on Topix. She's trying to pretend it wasn't her by claiming she would never write comments talking to herself. Professor Snape, I think we know that's not true!
    Desiree, yes, you would and yes, you have. Lol, that comment you captured is up to 100 likes! So much for her idea that only three people in the world disagree with her. She said a whole bunch of nonsense that's just pitiful and full of jealousy. She's still talking about the person she said she was going to ignore and she is still claiming she ignores fans. She's even still whining about Vindicate MJ and Lynette! Her ego is so big she even captured one of the comments that Topix deleted and re-posted it on her blog though she's pretending that "Frenchie" wrote it. She captured all of the comments that "Mjdandyman" wrote on Topix and is now saying that it's lynette but on Topix she said it was both Lynette and Sabine. I guess she couldn't figure out who she wanted it to be. She says they were on Topix claiming that everyone was her.

    Desiree YOU WERE ON TOPIX! If you weren't there, how can you even fix your mouth to say who was posting what?

    How simple can a person be? Desiree is a like a pitbull when she sinks her teeth into someone she doesn't let go. She is such a pathological liar. She is still claiming that she's being stalked. Who told her to go over to Topix and post comments antagonizing people? If she didn't go there she wouldn't know what was happening there. It's crazy how she projects all of her stuff on everyone else. She says other people can't take criticism, not her and other people are cyber stalkers and harassing people, not her. She claims she's as pure as the driven snow when she is knee deep in crazy.

  76. Anonymous10:19:00 PM

    @Danni, "Look on the bright side, looks like Desiree aka mjmymasturbation spent all day on Topix. No time for her hateful blogging. Good work, guys!"

    When she was posting all of those comments on Topix, her blog was practically a grave yard, if it was "frenchie" posting, then where was she?

  77. More evidence that Frenchie is her. Frenchie is MJmymasturbation who is Flabine

    "Lynette's internet meltdowns are always a blast to watch. During the last one, she kept insisting she was an edgy 19-year-old tattoo artist. She's actually 55 and lives in a trailer with her grown daughter."

    So Frenchie is obsessed with Sabine and Lynette like her.

  78. Anonymous11:38:00 AM

    These people spent christmas talking about pedophilia? Really? Wow.

  79. Public Lynching12:16:00 PM

    Are you surprised? The fact that Desiree reposted a comment that mjmymasturbation made that was deleted, imo, proves she is mjmymasturbation. We already have all of this evidence that she uses socks and lies about using them. She wanted that comment to have life, and in it, what is mjmymasturbation aka Desiree doing? Advertising for the person she supposedly hates and telling people to google her book and read it. What a dolt.

  80. Public Lynching12:21:00 PM

    Oh, by the way, that comment on Topix is up to 103 likes! Desiree came back and actually put up a picture of the comments 'cause they appeared twice and wrote lol she said, looks like it's legit. I guess she was being sarcastic? I dumno. I can't understand that girl! How could someone manipulate the like function on Topix. Obviously 103 people think she is Flabine and an idiot. Desiree, deal with it.

  81. I just went to her blog. I like her obsession against fan.

  82. Public Lynching2:40:00 PM

    @Sarah, didn't she block you? She blocked me, too but I know how to see her comments anyway. She's too busy on Topix now to post on her own blog, lmbo. I guess she can't entice people to come to her blog and argue with her there, smh.

  83. She blocked my computer but I have a mobile with a different Internet provider.

    I found that interesting that when she is busy on Topix, her blog is a graveyard. I wonder how many account she has.

  84. Clearly5:44:00 PM

    My personal opinion is that Desiree is Frenchie, and so she is Flabine, mjmymasturbation too but I don't think she was Murray is a Hero or Floons R Fools. I really think that was some crazy dog she encouraged to attack whenever she had beef with someone since that person would show up whenever she did. Yep, what a coincidence that since she's devoted her time to trolling and stalking people on Topix she doesn't have time to pretend to be three or four people talking to each other on her blog. What a crazy girl she is!

  85. Anonymous6:00:00 PM

    "Mon Dec 26, 03:20:00 PM PST
    J-M-H said...
    You know, this is all so sick. WTF is wrong with these people? How does cyberstalking, bullying, harassing, or imitation, help make Michael Jackson not be a pedophile?

    Yeah but when she does it it doesn't make him one either. She is a hot mess that is the only way to describe her.

  86. What irrefutable facts? I've yet to read one irrefutable fact on Desiree's blog that proves anything. I've read a lot of bullshit opinions though.

    Desiree goes to Topix to post libelous, defaming comments against someone and somehow this is cyber stalking, bullying, harassing and imitation of her? Umm, how does that logic work?

  87. "cyberstalking, bullying, harassing"

    What cyberstalking, bullying and harassing? She gave the link herself. It's none else fault if she wrote racist, homophobe and pro pedophilia stuff.

  88. Honestly, if Desiree were sane she would be highly embarrassed. I mean look at this conversation she is having with her own self.

    She has the nerve to say she would never write comments to herself. She is completely insane.

  89. Anonymous8:17:00 PM

    "How does cyberstalking, bullying, harassing, or imitation, help make Michael Jackson not be a pedophile? "

    There is no cyberstalking, bullying or harassing or imitation, but all the quotes that she wrote shows that the person accusing Michael mainly Desiree Hill, and also her sister, Jessica Michelle Hill, are crazy psychopaths.

  90. @tgp omg thank u for posting that conversation. hahahahah desirèe is 100 % out. hahahahah i mean i knew that, BUT it makes me laugh so hard. hahahahah

  91. Clearly9:15:00 AM

    Boy that convo is scary and funny at the same time and damn didn't this "hirsch" have Desiree pegged! He saw right through her!

  92. Anonymous12:10:00 PM

    lol, if you look on Topix, Desiree, you know "Flabine" is really being roasted. She is trying to say she's not Desiree but someone is putting up links of her quotes. She even put up a video. Damn, she should just shut up while she can still save face! I hope they put up her quote about her feeling sorry for pedophiles.

  93. mjmyinspiration7:58:00 AM

    hello, everyone

    i think desiree have not a good holiday

    maybe she realise that her,,resarching" means nothing, for fans and haters, too

    happy hollidays and A ,,Happy New YEAR FOR ALL"

    AT LAST, if i don.t bore you, i have one problem..i wanted to buy my daughter something, but i heard that it is for sale only in USA


    I-LL SEND the money in one bank acoount and you will sent me the phone

    thanks a lot


  94. mjmyinspiration8:05:00 AM

    value of product and transportation will be paid by me, of course

    TGP, I hope you can help me..i like this very much and my husband want to buy it for our daughter

    thanks a lot

  95. GetaClue10:13:00 AM

    I'm the person who is responding on Topix and I kept responding to keep Desiree responding, lol. Early on I started to suspect that IndaHouse was Desiree when she became sloppy with her answers as she became more agitated. She started ending her comments like this:

    *more laughter*

    Desiree does that constantly, if you look at the SBPDL site you will see that and also she started talking about my intelligence and that's why I kept saying only a person with low IQ does that, lol. She became increasingly more vulgar, that's how Desiree get's when she's challenged. Can't forget the whole trailer park argument. Asking about the Occam's razor was a dead giveaway, if you notice I ignored her on that point. I think Clearly is right, with almost 5,000 posts as hard as it is to believe, IndaHouse is another sock of Desiree. She was the only person on Topix to really get up in arms about the quotes I was putting up by Desiree Hill, if you notice, no one else had much problem with the quotes. By the way thanks for all you've done here. Notice zero activity on her blog and that's the goal.

  96. Anonymous10:32:00 AM

    This is indahouse and yes, thats sounds like Desiree "If you were intelligent enough to know what an acquaintance molester is, you would know right away that Wacko was one Lynette."
    Question: Why does she call you Lynette? Are you Lynette (I have to ask) by the way, I love all of your responses. Especially the mind your business parts.

  97. Mjmymasturbation, did you get my message?
    It certainly sounds like Indahouse is Desire to me.
    That whole Topix conversation is hilarious. How much time do these haters spend online, repeating themselves over and over I wonder?

  98. By the way, anyone is free to use the links, etc. I forgot to say that. I don't like Topix much or think it makes sense to have conversations on there but it's funny to me whenever haters get backed into a corner. I agree that they all sound alike and the mind your business response was very funny.

  99. GetaClue12:53:00 PM

    @Anonymous, no, I'm not. TGP, I think you're right about Topix, it ends up being more trouble than it is worth.

  100. Topix is a cesspool. Any decent comment will be buried under the sheer number of toxic comments so that no one can follow the thread, so what's the point of that?

    Listen, I understand why some fans go there but I don't understand why they stay.

  101. Flabine, aka Desiree, posted an email she got from Desiree about her racist comments. Desiree claimed she made them on a racist blog against black. Funny how she forgot her racist comments on blog against whites.

  102. I like how Snappe spoke about Hirsch 'relationship' with Desiree, it really looks like Jessica.

  103. Clearly8:42:00 PM

    Okay, but did you read that bullshit excuse Desiree put up as to why she said that things she did? Smething about trying to play mind tricks with them and point out the flaws in their logic, is that why she said all white people stink? She is spinning like a top! She just can't stand that her racists words have come back to haunt her!

  104. She never explained her comments on White Watch.

  105. Clearly9:30:00 AM

    OMG, Indahouse confessed she is Desiree on Topix! WTf!

  106. Yes, but he was joking when he said that. I don't believe he is Desiree, he is a topix member for years.

  107. I believe it is a great possibility. I don't believe he is a he at all. What is to stop Desiree from pretending to be someone for years? Nothing. As you see she has already done it. Compare the comments. If I'm wrong, I'll be the first to write up a retraction.

  108. Sarah: "I like how Snappe spoke about Hirsch 'relationship' with Desiree, it really looks like Jessica."

    You realize that Snape is Desiree, right? She did that for months.

  109. "realize that Snape is Desiree, right? She did that for months."

    Yes, I know that for almost 2 months now. My point was it's veryn obvious that it was her even without her admission.

  110. Anonymous1:36:00 PM

    I don't know about Desiree being IndaHouse. I think the thought is to scary to contemplate but the way she is behaving on Topix as Flabine, putting up an email she supposedly received from Desiree, that is not normal behavior, that is certifiable, crazy, psychotic behavior. So anyone that crazy.....
    By the way, I think she pretended to be other people on STBPDL for like six months but I haven't read all of the posts, just what is linked here. It was definitely more than two months.

  111. LetmeClearThingsUpForYou7:51:00 PM

    TGP, check this out. This link you'll see people quoting "IndaHouse" but if you look at who originally wrote the comments, it's a Blix Crackles Member since October 2007 with 18,204 quotes! So in 2007, how old was Ms. Desiree? 18. So I don't think Desiree is the original IndaHouse.
    Topix is tricky because anyone can pick up a name that someone dropped or recreate themselves or post as multiple people. It's crazy over there with no supervision or rules at all. The haters keep switching names so they seem like more people. there is Billy The Kidd aka skid marks {that's what I call him} aka Cujo, InDaHouse aka Blix Crackles, and others there are even less haters than there appear to be .
    It's easy to understand why you'd think they really were all one person because they actually do all say the same things over and over again.
    Look, you'll see what I meanInDaHouse" changed the number of posts and date joined with the "Blix Crackles" nic.....Interesting.
    Here is Indahouse again. Who was he or she really? Who fucking knows!She admits that InDahouse is BlixCrack ect......
    They just keep switching. How did post from InDahouse (picture of a African American man) turn into BlixCrack picture of a white nerdy kid?
    Kathy becomes IndaHouseOf course this post was originally under the name InDahouse. All of those post have somehow changed to another charater she created.BlixCrackles!!!!!
    These are all Indahouse's nics: Kathy Mosesian= InDahouse, Evil Kathy, Wednesday Kathy, Chimp Revenge, Observer, Dark Island ect. ect. ect. ect..........+BlixCracker
    So who wouldn't get confused? For fans that don't know, the haters are from a small racist hate group. Two of them have lived on this website for many years.
    Constantly changeing names and hiding behind many diffrent characters.

    Bottom line is on Topix it is very hard to tell who is who. The haters are ALL a bunch of lying, disgusting people who have spent years on Michael's ass. Don't waste your time thinking any more about it. Desiree is obviously "Flabine" or "mjmymasturbation" and I'm sure she's other people on Topix too, like Johny Rocket and Gordy. After that, skies the limit.

    Good work with the site. I think you'd done an excellent job of exposing her!

  112. GetaClue8:22:00 PM

    Wow, just wow. I don't even know what to say to that. Thanks for all the links. I am done playing with animals for what it's worth, it was entertaining while it lasted but I have better things to do.

  113. hi, TGP
    i sent you a mail yesterday

    have a good day"

  114. i don-t think desiree is In the house

    she is not in the house, at all:)) she is on the fields, on the trees, her mind run all over, in the nature

    i don-t know what are his ideals from life and from others

    she have something of a little dictator, totallitar and crazy

  115. Thank you for this information, LetMe, I've updated the article to reflect what you've said.

    Now I spent a little time reading about Desiree's "friend" "Frenchie". Her first comment was in May of 2011 on Desiree's blog. She says, "I'm glad I found this blog" and then seems to start posting like she is one of the gang, no introduction or anything about herself.

    Desiree welcomes her of course and in her long ass reply asks how she found the blog but Frenchie never answers. Her third comment mocks a person who came on there and complained about Desiree.

    Frenchie says: "I kind of love when MJ stans visit. It's like being at a sideshow without paying the price of admission. <3 "

    Interesting comment for someone who just got there.

    In the next entry she is posting like they are all old friends.
    "Frenchie said...
    I find it bizarre when people suggest that Desiree's blog is full of "haters". I'm new here, but I haven't come across any comments that are particularly hateful towards Michael Jackson. It seems, for the most part, we just pity how he devolved from a talented young performer into a deformed boy collecting drug addict. Sun May 22, 12:28:00 PM PDT

    This was her message to Brett:

    Frenchie said... Brett, since you apparently read here, please check out this link:


    You don't need to admit to the world what happened to you, but you should at least admit it to yourself.

    N e way, I was looking to see what ethnicity Frenchie said she was, if she had ever mentioned it.

    She claimed I don't know, my father is Lebanese, and I only wish I could get as dark as them. Then again, they do live in SoCal so they're probably in the sun all the time.

    OT, It's funny, a Brenda comments: "Brenda said...
    @ Jessica Your posts and Desiree's are so similar, you could almost be the same person,"

    Any way, back to Frenchie, some more quotes frm her I've noticed that the fans who troll the internet generally seem to be outsiders...often they're overweight and rarely do they possess any physical or social charms.

    Frenchie said... Looks like Miky is still hard at work spamming Aaron Carter's facebook. LOL. I imagine her children are like those neglected Romanian orphans you see on tv...you know, the ones who are imprisoned in dingy cribs all day without any sort of human touch.

    In the latest entry, when Frenchie claims that she is Flabine, she said that we dedicated a post to her.

    There are no posts dedicated to Frenchie on this site. As a matter of fact, she is only mentioned in the comment sections.

    Is Frenchie Desiree? Who knows! She sounds and writes just like Desiree but you know what, so does Jessica.

    Could Desiree have managed to find the five most vile, disgustingly arrogant, condescending, rude and foul mouth people to congregate on her blog?

    Could all of them possibly be able to replicate her pseudo-scientific, psycho babble language so accurately?

    Frenchie sounds JUST like Desiree, in every way, shape and form. There is an entry where they seem to disagree on something, but Desiree is crazy enough to do something like that. I'll leave the article as is on that front.

  116. @lol Mjmyinspiration! "i don-t think desiree is In the house
    she is not in the house, at all:)) she is on the fields, on the trees, her mind run all over, in the nature "

    I'll go look at the email.

  117. Happy New Years Everyone!
    With all the spam, I don't think anyone is reading that Topix topic except for Desiree. Desiree can't decide who she wants to hate on more, David, Lynette and Helena from Vindicate MJ or Sabine, they just go around in circles and that's how you can tell it's her. At least the other haters are consistent in their hate of Michael Jackson. I always remember, it's the fans Desiree really hates and she always focuses on them-ha, ha, I mean three people. I think Frenchie is either Desiree or a close (and dumb) friend of her's. Either way they are all stupid. They'd rather be on Topix hating than on their # 1 blog continuing their "investigation"? Proves that there was never anything to investigate, just a bunch of clowns on new years eve hating on people they've never met in their life. What a bunch of losers. When I don't know any 22 year olds who spend their time doing something so dumb! So you know what old Des will bedoing when she is 50!

    Again Happy New years!

  118. @clearly: i agree with everything u said.
    Guys i wish u all the best for the 2012,and more than ever i wish to all of u much luv, joy and happiness to u and ur dear ones. luv luv luv

  119. Happy New year

  120. Happy New Years. Everyone, let's all pray for a Desiree free 2012!

  121. There is something that I don't get, Indahouse was already on Topix in 2007 according to that link


    Why is it written "since july 2010" under his name now?

  122. From what Letmehelp wrote and this link, it seems Indahouse created a new account in June of 2010

    Either way, writing about MJ for FIVE YEARS, can we say WTF YOU'RE OBSESSED!!!!


    p.s. by the way, the comment below you was SPAM from Sidney, New South Wales Australia, a member from Topix trolling for attention. Indahouse?

    Let it be known, anyone with an obsessive need make MJ guilty should do it on their own time and in their own space.

  123. And last week you had someone from Australia who spent 2 hours looking for info on Alby. It was someone from MJfacts. Can we say that Inda is Alby?

  124. "From what Letmehelp wrote and this link, it seems Indahouse created a new account in June of 2010"

    It's what I thought, but is it the same person?

  125. This comment has been removed by the author.

  126. @gaspard and lisa:are u serious?
    the first one who bitch is desirèe herself.
    People with brain could see in her own blog that she started to do that months/years ago. She judge a man who is dead, and this is the worst thing EVER. If she had a life she would just do something more IMPORTANT to herself and to the world, instead of spending time bitching about someone who is dead and can not defend himself anymore, and being respectful to his children. I'm sorry but i do not respect someone who say that she does not care because they sure are already f*cked up,and more then ever i do not respect someone who do not work and spend her money buying books to bitch about michael and more then ever a book written by a convicted pedophile. if u do, fine.

  127. Marcy, Lisa/Gaspard are the same person. We will stick our hand into Desiree's bag of tricks and post the i.p. address.
    That was last week.

    Once again: Alby/Indahouse? - let's just call the person by their real name TROLL

    And then yesterday, New Years Day, when people with loved ones and a life were living it, 10 hours, WTF Troll!

    If you have a blog, please record this i.p. address and location and flag it as TROLL.

    If that uncivilized wild thing wants to waste 10+ more hours, on top of the five + years already wasted on Topix, here on this blog where trolls are not wanted or tolerated, posting comments that will always be deleted - go ahead, waste your time away!

    : )

    Online, IMO, names do not matter; it's behavior that matters. As far as we're concerned, based on behavior of all the relevant incarnates of these deranged personas they are all the same and should all be treated exactly the same.

    Here we ignore them. They HATE that. lol! You can always tell by how hard they try to get your attention : )

  128. @ Marcy, Great points!

    @ Sara, I think Bill Crackles/IndaHouse at the time was definitely the same person - people wrote that their comments switched names and you can see people quoting IndaHouse, but look and see the comments state that Bill Crackles wrote them.

    Also by the present behavior on this blog, it is like you called the name and the person came running. What is this person from Australia doing here? The blog is not about them, but they've been "revealed" and trolls who thrive behind dark lies, twisted agendas and secret agendas don't like that.

  129. Clearly7:37:00 AM

    TGP, you know that comment from URDaFloon that you captured, it's up to 148 judgement saying brillian, funny and agree , there's another one, calling Desiree out again, that is up to like 96 dislikes saying spam, disagree and nuts because someone obviously has come back day in and day out to judge it over and over again because they so need it to be the same number as the first comment, you know because a comment on Topix is so important!
    LMBO!!!!!!!! These haters have so much time on their hands it's not even funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OMG, all of these during a holiday season. My head is hurting from SMH so much!

  130. Clearly! lol, you know, I saw that. Five days later, the comment is buried beneath ten pages on a topic that no one will see because so many topics are created daily over there. Like you said, they have lots of time to waste.

  131. By the way, old Des was here, too, for about 45 mins. because she doesn't care about this blog, you know

    : )

  132. @tgp: thank u. i suspected they were the same person.

  133. @lisa ur comment is not a criticism...this is being dumb-
    the fact that u wrote what u wrote and did not replied to my post for example...shows that.
    Remember:if u judge someone else, u should be silent if someone else judge u, because what u said/say comes back to u.
    So people like u who judge michael and us,should be silent if they are judged too.
    and the fact that u showed the time zone link and said u were not here in the new years, do not change the fact that u were here...no metter if it was 2011 or 2012.
    "Of course if you had posted my navigation path, like this, and not just a screen shot of how long my browser was open, it would have been more honest" U LIVE ON ANOTHER PLANET.

  134. Marcy you know I agree with everything you say, This person just wants attention. They can waste time replying to your post if they want but that too will be deleted.

  135. Clearly, Topix is a the gutter center of haters. I'm sure you've noticed that after relentlessly harassing Lynette, David, Bonnie and VMJ all through the Christmas holiday, Desiree has now shifted her attention to Sabine and she is somehow claiming that her deranged narcissistic fixation on Lynette is somehow Sabine's fault because she should stop completely ignoring her and take responsibility for comments she did not write. The fact that Desiree goes from VMJ, David to Lynette to Sabine shows that she is a sick, sick person. Everyone who disagrees with her is one person, whoever she chooses it to be. She cannot let go of her obsession. More than anything she cannot realize that lots of people cannot stand her.

  136. By the way, Marcy, people like this are pathological liars, that is why you cannot have a conversation with them. The reason the full navigational path wasn't posted is because it was too long. This is just one sample
    As you can plainly read yes, this idiot was here on New Years Day and the day after and the day after that. That is just ONE session. I don't have time to capture all the others.

  137. GetaClue11:03:00 AM

    Don't forget, I'm lynette too. I was trolling topix, posting on this blog, writing this blog, writing on Vindicate MJ & creating petitions all at the same time 'cause I'm so smart. Hilarious how Desiree says that only an insecure person would log in and out and judge their own comments.

    Well, I suppose Lynette logged in and out judged that comment that Clearly linkedand all the others that appear with 14, 15, 20 judgements all clueless, nuts and spam icons. See how a Kim shows up and makes fun of them and they stop? I suppose Lynette was me and mjdandyman and also IndahousisaSheep, too. But there's no explanation as to why Desiree's blog was a complete graveyard without a cricket to be heard on it while they spent the holidays trolling and harassassing with different nics and locals. Of course now that they've congregated back on her blog, watch someone will post how they were on vacation, I'm so sure that's a lie. Nice when you have proof, TGP, that this psycho was here on New years and is also a big liar.
    I'm so sure that they posting as different nics to harass and they were also posing as mjdandyman and others to stir up trouble and deflect. You can tell by the change of the locals which match their other trolling nics.

  138. @tgp: i think u are right when u say they are pathological liars

  139. The bottom line is they all want attention. I don't mean to sound preachy but IMO, here is how you handle people like that, don't reply to them! Not on Topix, not on their blog. If you do have something you want to say, make it a place that you feel safe in (not a bully playground like Topix) or some place that you have control over because they will lie to make themselves look good. Don't ever argue with them. All they want is a response. Treat them as if they do not exist. Talk around them. Make pretend that they have not said a word. It is the only way to deal with a disordered personality such as Desiree Hill and others like her.

  140. I think you should block them.

  141. Anonymous12:40:00 PM

    Sarah, banning is an option but you keep haters busy when you keep them responding, you know?

  142. Only if you want to do that for the rest of your life. The purpose of this blog was to address who Desiree Hill is, what she is doing and totally discredit her. We've done that. She has been proven to be a racist, homophobic, lying hypocrite. No amount of baiting her on Topix or elsewhere is ever going to get her to admit it. She can never escape her quotes and the words that she wrote with her own hand.

  143. Anonymous1:17:00 PM

    @TGP, you have a point.
    @GetaClue, the person who called you and everyone else Lynette was Flabine aka Desiree. Now she wants to say, no everyone was really Sabine. How is that different? She's just stupid. Desiree, you spent your whole Christmas vacation trolling and harassing an innocent person, nothing? You've been doing that for two years to Michael Jackson.

  144. Anonymous1:18:00 PM

    Sorry, I meant to write, Desiree, you spent your whole Christmas vacation trolling and harassing an innocent person, nothing *new. You've been doing that for two years to Michael Jackson.

  145. By the way, the alliance with Mjfacts coupled with the latest behavior of the troll from Sydney, Australia is proof that this whole MJ thing is nothing but a sham. They just have found a person to bully. As you can see they will bully anyone. It really has nothing to do with facts or otherwise and MJ is perfect because he can't fight back.

    That's why it's a complete waste of time to bother to explain to a hater like Desiree Hill that business negotiations that take place between a team of people in service to their employer won't necessarily be reflected in the paper work. Desiree HIll has never owned a business. She doesn't work. She has no idea what goes on in the minds of insurance brokers, lawyers and business men who are making sure that the money machine that they are servicing keeps on churning out cash. Just because a document is signed by Michael Jackson doesn't mean that numerous conversations and discussions were not had before that settlement was drafted into.. As a matter of fact, of course they were! There were probably several settlement agreements drafted before the one that was signed was approved and agreed upon.

    I don't get the point of why haters waste their time trying to prove that MJ wasn't forced to sign the settlement papers and enter into that agreement. The idea is ludicrous, as if they had the ability to jump into his mind and determine what motivated him.

    But then again they waste their lives writing comments that will be deleted, stating that same thing over and over again, and harassing a dead mean about a trial that is over, in which he was acquitted, for a crime in which the man was completely exonerated. They do it for no monetary compensation, just because they are sick and twisted and have nothing better to do.

    If it was positive, you could make sense of it, but it's all so very negative so go figure.

    Psychotic behavior cannot be understood.

  146. exactly tgp. But more than ever desirèe deos not really know what happens "behind"in a trial.
    I know because it's my job, and i'm seriopusly shitty tired when people connect "settlment" to "guilty".
    Most of the time, people do settle to do not start/continue a trial. Many of them ask/or accept it to try to resolve the thing soon and try to go on.
    then apart from that, the haters even have close eyes regarding the world of false accusation of abuse...

  147. probably michael at the beginningwanted to fight, but then...the stress...the pressures he had from every angle he wanted to go on on someway...the lawyers(sony and so on) pressured him and told him the insurance could pay so he said ok.

  148. Marcy, dealing with someone like a Desiree wouldn't you pay any amount of money to get her the hell away from you; that is what Sneddon was; that's what the Chandlers were, they were people like Desiree, obsessive sociopaths with no boundaries. I totally understand why Michael paid instead of being in their company and having to deal with them for one more minute.

    The honest truth is only what you deal with is a part of your life and "real". Michael wanted to make that horrible part of his life go away.

    The only problem I think is he didn't understand that people like Sneddon or the Chandlers are so evil and anti-social they will never leave you alone.

    I think by the time the arvisos, who were just like that, came along, Michael understood he had to fight but thank God he fought smart, with a smart team leading the way.

    You still have these people today trying to dig Michael up and murder him all over, people like who this blog is about.

    You're right; she doesn't understand the meaning of the world settlement. She doesn't want to understand. As for false abuse, she doesn't want to understand that either.

    It's not that she's incapable, because she is making false accusations of abuse every day on her blog.

  149. Tgp u said everything and the honest truth.
    The fact is that Michael was/is the most famous man in the world...so people really like to see the dark that they have inside of them, on him.
    But what could happen if for a period of time the cameras were REALLY not always on him but on normal people?Probably someone would finally wake up and see that probably what we did was/is worst than what he did?Probably...or more possible they will close their eyes..because it's easier to accuse someone that u do not know of something instead of looking inside of you and understand that u are no one to judge someone else and that probably if u think something terrible of him/her it's because probably in truth u can not accept ur dark side.
    "When you judge someone, you don't define them, you define yourself."
    I quoted that phrase,but i want even to be honest: People like desirée,after reading it could say" oh well u do the same" and forget that i someone judge a man who is dead, judge people around him, judge his fans,and act like a crazy,deserve a response to let the world know what she is doing, and let her (hopefully) at the same time understand that she is really making bad mistakes.
    If someone start to judge and insult us badly, or someone that we really loved/love for example, we respond,as common people with brain would do.

  150. oh just to be clear when i said
    "If someone start to judge and insult us badly, or someone that we really loved/love for example, we respond,as common people with brain would do."
    I would respond only for a period of time..but if the other part is a wall, at one point i would say "bye bye".

    Just like michael tried to do, even if it was a legal metter, with the chandlers.

  151. @tgp when i say "answer/respond" i mean exposing his/her lies(not like i did before by answering to some comments)just like the purpose of your blog.

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