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Desiree Ladonna Hill Unabashedly Supports Pedophilia

Monday, January 23, 2012

Quick Update: Desiree Hill cyber stalks as "Flabine" on Topix.com

ETA 1/10//2011 It has become necessary to revisit the rabid stalking and harassment which is being perpetrated by Desiree Ladonna Hill of Las Vegas in her numerous sock puppet forms and also by her cult like followers on websites such as Topix.com
Like the narcissist that she is, Desiree Hill has attempted to make the Michael Jackson forum on Topix.com, HER forum, where she can gripe about issues that only relate to herself.  It is not enough for her to do it on her own blog. She's even gone over to Imbd gripe but thank God Imbd has a very good system in place to report abusive posts and behavior and requires that people identify themselves before they can post in the forums.  Not so Topix.com, which is in fact a free for all.
Look at these traits that describe a stalker, and tell us that they are NOT describing Desiree Hill:

  • Won't take no for an answer
  • Has an obsessive personality
  • Above average intelligence
  • No or few personal relationships
  • Lack of embarrassment or discomfort at actions
  • Low self esteem
  • Sociopathic thinking
  • Has a mean streak

 Read the full description HERE

If you've had the misfortune of visiting the garbage dump that is the Michael Jackson forum on Topix.com, if you were able to wade through the stinking sewer of hateful, abusive, bullying comments that is regular fair over there, you might have noticed posts from a user by the name of "Flabine", Desiree's alter ego.  You can tell who she is because she obsessively and ONLY focuses on two people; she doesn't even bother talking about Michael Jackson.

If you don't believe us, go and see for yourself.   No one else has an ax to grind with these people BUT Desiree Hill, even if the ax exists only in her sick mind.  To date she has even gone so far as to create an account in the name of her target utilizing her picture.

We'd love for Desiree to explain why she believes a blog, which simply harvests her quotes and information about her and critiques them is harassment but her behavior on Topix.com, where she creates lies and slander to attack the people with whom she does not agree is NOT harassment.

Desiree has managed, in very short time, to recruit the assistance of a junk yard dog from Danbury, Connecticut.  It seems she only had to throw a name and a few crocodile cyber tears her way and just like a crazed dog taking a whiff of a blood soaked rag, this deranged, psychotic person from Danbury, Connecticut has taken up Desiree Hill's false cause and along with Desiree Hill, has continued to obsessively and systematically post harassing, libelous comments using various names; sometimes they grossly alter the names of their targets or they use variations thereof; sometimes they even fraudulently make comments in the name of the person.

Again you can always tell who they are because they are singularly focused on two or three people, unlike the rest of the forum who have reserved their hate for the subject of the forum:  Michael Jackson.

Desiree and her dog most always use proxy servers to hide their location.  Desiree posts most often from a proxy server stating that she is in Rio Vista, California, as we've stated, using the name "Flabine".  As of today, she has posted using the business name of one of her targets, "Ameeramac".

Once again, we invite you, if you do not understand the nature and psychosis of this person, to go and look for yourself.

Having taken up residence in the Michael Jackson forum on Topix.com specifically to harass and cyber stalk, Desiree Hill and her cohorts posts comments that continually, without ceasing, attack the personage and children, (two of which are minors) of these victims. 

Once again, you will know it is Desiree and her minion because they are THE ONLY ONES talking about these particular people.  No one else could be bothered or cares and they are the only ones who accuse EVERYONE of being their targeted "enemy".

These childish comments criticize everything from parenting skills (of which Desiree knows nothing) to income, employment status, living conditions and personal relationships (again, Desiree Ladonna Hill is completely ignorant of  this information).  She simply makes it up as she goes along. 

The nature of the posts are so infantile, nonsensical and barbaric, any rational,  intelligent, thinking person can see that they are coming from a mind that is completely insane. 

The comments are composed of carelessly constructed lies, name calling, misinformation and are crafted from pure narcissistic rage, manipulative persuasive tactics on the part of Desiree Hill and pure, undiluted ignorance.  

Although many of these comments have apparently been reported for abuse and deleted, Desiree Hill, utilizing the name "Flabine" and many other pseudonyms continues to re-post the comments, sometimes several per day,  in a clear, consistent pattern of cyber-stalking and harassment.  Yet, amazingly, defying logic, Desiree Hill continues to state that it is she who is being harassed and stalked.

We'd like this to be fully understood:  

Monday, January 2, 2012

Obsessing Over the Jordie Chandler Settlement

All haters do.  They seem to be perpetually stuck in 1994, salivating over Michael Jackson, his anatomy and alternatively, his money.  Desiree Hill spent, it seems, her Christmas vacation alternatively stalking and harassing people who disagree with her methods and madness as well as  fantasizing over the circumstances  and intentions surrounding Michael Jackson's business decisions when he was alive.  We won't spend a lot of time on this matter as we think the subject of Desiree Hill's objectivity, integrity and reliability has been without question established as unsound and without substantive value.

Let us however define a simple term for Desiree Hill and her like-minded followers:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Desiree Hill round-up: sockpuppets, spin and smut

Ever wonder why Desiree's comment section instructs people to not use the anonymous feature?  

Well, it's pretty simple really.  Desiree wants to be the only one who conceals her identity on her blog.  After all, she's had lots of practice and she is so very good at it. 

If you've ever read a comment on Desiree's blog and thought to yourself that the opinions seem to echo and eerily mimic Desiree's own thought processes; if you ever felt the writing style was a little too close to her own; if you ever thought that she just might be pretending to be a "new" commentator, you were probably not too far from the truth.

Desiree loves to pretend to be other people and compliment and promote herself. She likes playing head games with people and pushing their buttons.  If you read a "new" person showing up on her blog, agreeing with her posts and championing her as a great intellectual mind and a skilled researcher without comparison and you really believe that this is a real, live person, you better think again.

Jessica said...
I'm Desiree's twin sister and I want you all to know that Desiree has many, many socks on this site, and if SBPDL would take the time to look up the IP addresses of some of her socks, he will see that they all reside in Las Vegas using Cox Communications. Please ban her; if you see a suspicious comment, check the IP address. It's very annoying to me to see her writing comments every time I see her on her computer. She is an addict, and she's addicted to arguing with racist whites all over the Internet! She only comes on here to see Hirsch, since they had a "love connection" once back in 2010. It's sad and pathetic! PLEASE BAN HER! And please publish this to embarrass her since she doesn't know I'm writing this. Thanks
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